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Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Get What You Think About...

....whether you like it or not!

A friend was out of town for the summer with his cat.  As he was driving home to Tucson, he was thinking about how scary it is this time of year with rattlesnakes.  He was thinking about how to protect his cat from the rattlesnakes.  He thought about it and worried about it for quite a long time on the way home.

As an aside, I've lived here for about 30 years, and worked outside for 25 of them.  I've only seen 5 rattlesnakes in the entire time I've lived and worked and hiked here. And they always get out of the way as quickly as possible. 

As soon as he got home he was unpacking his trailer, he looked over to see his cat and a rattlesnake faced off.  The snake was rattling, the cat was poised in readiness.  The friend grabbed the cat, which resulted in the cat biting and ripping the daylights out of his arm.

Another similar story goes like this:
Years ago, I went to Mexico with some friends as a passenger in their truck.  I had developed a very fearful state of mind about car accidents (and lots of other things I couldn't control).  I was always on edge and watching the road every second of the trip.  I thought if I took my eyes off the road, we would crash.
I took my eyes off the road, and we had an enormous car accident.

BTW, you don't have to think about car accidents to have a car accident, you don't have to think about rattlesnakes to have a scary encounter with one.  These types of things happen when you've been feeling chronically fearful, or vulnerable, or even angry, or when you fear lack of control over other things, for instance.  Everyone is different.  As soon as you have a negative manifestation you can ask yourself how it feels and how it matches how you have been feeling.

The key here is chronic.  It takes quite a long time of negative thinking to see the manifestation of them.  
Dont worry!  Even if you've been worried a lot, it only takes some intentional re-focusing of your thoughts to change everything that comes to you.

And even if you wait until you have a big negative manifestation, it doesn't matter, because now you have reason to change your focus.

Positive manifestations are MUCH quicker, and positive thoughts are many many times more powerful than negative ones.

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