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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making Peace with What Is

One evening my husband and I were about to go out to dinner.
The babysitter was on her way, and I walked by the kids' room and noticed it was a disaster.
I thought, "This babysitter is going to think we live in a pig sty!  Oh, Well.  No time to do anything about it now."
Without my having said anything, the next morning, one of the kids, for the first time ever, spent 2 hours cleaning the room until it was spotless.

One morning I contemplated the size and quantity of the weeds flourishing in the back yard.
I thought, "Oh, well.  I'll get to it some time soon."
That very afternoon, one of the kids took it upon himself to pull every weed.  I didn't even know kids could see weeds, let alone make a game out of pulling them.

We had made peace with the idea that we wouldn't be able to go to the beach this summer.
We had two other trips planned, and it just didn't seem possible to go.
One day, on May 25th, my husband brought up the idea seeing if we could find a place and go after all. 
We normally reserve a rental months in advance because they get booked early.  We normally go on the 1st of June.
I spent a couple of days looking for places to rent, but there were no availabilities, or they were too expensive, or they didn't allow our gigantic dog.
While I was looking, I kept noticing attributes that would be nice to have: close to the lagoon, close to Legoland, a pool and jacuzzi, larger square footage, pet friendly, walk to the beach, a fireplace.  I even saw a place that was the same price we normally spend, but the rental was for a month, not a week.  We got very excited about spending a whole month!  But that place had also been booked long ago.
I thought, "Oh, well.  It was worth a try."
The next day Brad sent me a link to a place.  It had ALL the items on my new wish list, it was the same low price that we had budgeted, and it was for a month.  We called the owners literally minutes before they were walking out the door to go to Alaska.  They agreed to rent us the house with a promise of a signed contract and a promise of a deposit.  We left 3 days later and we got to stay for a whole month!

Know what you want, make peace with what is, get happy, and watch what happens.


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