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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amusing Attractions

I love words.  I spell words in my mind when they are spoken, like a ticker tape across my forehead.  I sometimes misspell them just to amuse myself.

Many times per day, I will think of a funny or unusual or offbeat word or phrase; like flotsam and jetsam, or denouement, or haphazard, or sturm und drang...   Then, I will see or hear it within the same day.

Today I thought of the phrase "carpe diem."  I saw it twice and heard it once.  In one day.

I read the word cockadoodledoo and was very amused by it.  Within an hour I read about people laughing over a rooster crowing.

This morning I had three words come to mind that I enjoyed contemplating;  "Exhausted," "Revenge," and "Umami."
While having a one-hour conversation with someone this afternoon about random subjects of his choosing, he said all three words.

Once, a long time ago, a word came to mind while I was laying my head on Brad's chest.  Unfortunately I don't remember the word, but it was sufficiently weird that one would not expect to hear it.  It had no context to the conversation or relevance to anything I could think of, other than the word sounded fun and amusing in my mind.
Brad immediately said the word out loud.
It was so shocking I shot up and asked him what he just said and why.  He said it again and said he didn't know why he said it.

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