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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Manifestations Reflecting Feelings

During the summer before starting 1st grade, one of our identical twins developed eczema in a stripe down the middle of his face.
We tried various topical remedies for almost three months, but it just got worse.
It made him feel self-conscious.


I got it.  When I realized I needed to look at it as a manifestation of how he was feeling, then imagined how he was feeling, I realized he was worried about starting 1st grade because he was worried about whether people would be able to tell him apart from his brother. He was feeling self-conscious about 1st grade.

I had an instant epiphany about it (while I was feeling really good).
He had manifested a way to differentiate himself!

He has a distinguishing naturally black patch of hair on the side of his head, but the long hair hides it.  He really likes his long hair.
What if we dye a small but prominent patch of his hair black?  I discussed it with Brad and he thought, and I agreed, that we should do it without his knowing so he could feel special.
I snuck into his room while he was sleeping and dyed a little of his hair.
When he woke up he was ecstatic!
He was so excited that his black patch was now more visible!
His eczema disappeared within hours.

He happily went to 1st grade with complete confidence and has never had eczema since.

We maintained his black patch for 2 years, with his blessing, and now he has decided to forgo any more maintenance, as his self-confidence has far surpassed his looks.

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