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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Manifesting by Desire: Deer

I had a vague understanding of Law of Attraction.  I wanted to put it to the test.
I knew there were Mule Deer in our area because I had seen them 20 years before.
I hiked the washes and trails every day.  For years.  And I looked for deer.
I never saw them.
I really wanted to.
Then one night I was watching television with my husband.   There, on the show, walked a mule deer.
I thought, "There it is!  Oh,  goody, I'm going to see a mule deer tomorrow."
The next morning, I met some new neighbors on the way to the trail, and I purposely didn't tell them about the trail so they wouldn't scare away the deer.
I saw some horse poop on the trail and I thought, " I hope the horses didn't scare away the deer!"
Then, around the corner, on the trail I had been hiking for 6 years, were 4 mule deer.
They just stood there.  I gasped with astonishment at their size and beauty and their enormous ears.

From that day on, I saw deer every day.

Here's what happened:  I had been actively looking for deer.  When I was looking for something I couldn't see, my thoughts were full of the absence of what I wanted. My thoughts were of No Deer. No Deer Here.  No Deer Yet.  Also, I was testing myself, so every day without a deer made me think, "I'm not doing it right", which is a pretty negative state of mind.
When I saw the deer on TV, THAT deer was a manifestation of the deer I'd been wanting to see and that it was an indication the ice had been broken.  My attitude on the next morning's hike was that of real expectation of seeing the deer.  I wasn't going to look for them, because I knew they would be there.  I had convinced myself they would be there.
Expectation is a very powerful thing.

"Looking for Deer" is my new metaphor for being aware of what is not there.
When you want something, and you do not see it, your awareness is "it is not there"
When you believe it is there, and you stop looking, it will appear.

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