You Attract What You Think About!

Simple, real, everyday examples that demonstrate how your thoughts create everything in your life; year to year, day to day, moment to moment...

And the mind-bogglingly true, real-life, personal examples of how,

when you change what you think,

your life presents you with everything you have always wanted.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Intrinsic vs. Earned Worthiness

Recently I've become aware of the difference between intrinsic worthiness, that which you were born with, and earned worthiness, that which is endlessly sought.

In the past, I've done several examinations into my own sense of worthiness, and I have always convinced myself of my sure footing.
But when I looked at it from an understanding of intrinsic worthiness, I realized I didn't have it; what I have is entirely based on what I've done, what I've earned, what I look like, what I've accomplished, how people respond to me.

In the last few years, I've learned how to be a master of manifesting what I want by how I feel and what I think.
Yet, still, the measurement of 'worthiness' is still often based upon what I manifest.

Fascinatingly, the times I feel most wholly well and perfect and happy are the times I'm focusing with appreciation on someone or something else. Which makes perfect sense. You can't appreciate someone else without letting go of your own thoughts of limitation. And thoughts of limitation amount to the fact that you're measuring yourself.

How interesting. Stop measuring yourself? What is there to measure?

What would happen if you made your intrinsic self-worth more important than your social worth?
When you see a baby, do you believe it is worthy?  Most likely you see it as perfect and pure and deserving of all the love in the world. 
Can you see yourself the same way?
You would be a very happy person.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Worthiness and Expectation

Those two words, Worthiness and Expectation, are key components to how your life unfolds.

If you believe it matters what other people think of you, you have an unstable sense of worthiness.

If you feel good or bad according to what you've accomplished lately, you have an unstable sense of worthiness.

If you believe someone else has control over how you feel, you have an unstable sense of worthiness.

If you dislike those who are really rich, particularly those who don't work very hard but have lots of money, you have an unstable sense of worthiness.

If you believe your looks or your weight or your hairline or your bank balance or your job title or your education create a limit to your value (or your income), you have an unstable sense of worthiness.

What if you were to set all these factors aside? What if, for argument's sake, you were to believe 'worth' is something you're born with, and that comparisons of yourself to others are irrelevant?

Wouldn't that take 'worthiness' off the table?

Let's assume you agree with all of that.
And let's assume you were to remind yourself of your stable worthiness several times a day.
That means you would stop berating yourself, and you'd stop looking at people's faces to see how they feel about you(cuz they're just grumpy and it has nothing to do with you), and you'd stop second-guessing your decisions, and you'd spend some time appreciating things around you...

Your life would change dramatically for the better.

The other word is Expectation.
You tend to expect what has happened before.
But you get what you expect. (Law of Attraction is unerring that way)

How can you get a better outcome?

By using the focus of your mind to decide to expect what you want, not what you've been getting.

How do you do that?

Spend more time imagining what you want and less time noticing what you have and the outcome must change.
(That means no more thinking about, talking about, remembering, worrying about, complaining about... things you don't like)

How do I stop noticing the way things are, which are not so good?

Make peace with it.
Find a way to say, "I can live with this right now. It is what it is. It's temporary, and it's not so bad. I can even notice the good points about it."

Once you stop pushing against what you don't want, what you do want must come. You may not believe me. That's okay. You'll see.

Expectation is very powerful.

If you expect something will be hard, it will be hard.
When you expect your mate will act a certain way, he will.
When you expect money only comes from hard work, that's the only way it comes.

When you expect abundance to flow to you, because this is an abundant world (and abundance has nothing to do with 'worthiness'), money, and free time, and a variety of exciting jobs, and experiences, and supplies, and loving relationships present themselves to you like a buffet for you to choose from.

When you expect things to be easy, they are.

When you expect people to be kind and friendly and interesting and enlightening, they are.

When you expect great ideas to come to you, you stop trying to look for them and just let them come to you.

When you expect your kids to be amazing, they are.

When you expect your body to recover from any illness on the planet, it does.

Expectation contains eagerness and faith in well-being and enthusiasm and confidence---- and worthiness.