You Attract What You Think About!

Simple, real, everyday examples that demonstrate how your thoughts create everything in your life; year to year, day to day, moment to moment...

And the mind-bogglingly true, real-life, personal examples of how,

when you change what you think,

your life presents you with everything you have always wanted.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

If You Have a Negative Emotion and Ignore It, It Will Get Bigger #2

Once upon a time, not long ago,  I had convinced myself that someone I loved was going to hurt me.
For two days, it was all I could think about.  "I don't want to get blindsided, I don't want to get surprised, I don't want to get hurt."
On the third day, I got a text from that loved one that felt like a punch in the face.  Or in the heart.

I made myself feel better (but not on that subject), and spent a pleasant evening.  I went for a hike the next day feeling really good, noticing the great weather and reminiscing about other happy thoughts..  I saw some deer and I felt full of energy.  I decided to run on the hilly, rocky trail.

Within a minute, I fell hard; chest-first on a big rock.  I cracked my sternum.  I had little rocks embedded deeply in both hands.

I got up gasping in pain, but determined to figure out why, when I had just been feeling so great, did I get hurt so badly.

I thought, "Okay, how does this feel?  It feels surprising and painful."
"What else in my life has felt surprising and painful?"
Yup.  That text.

Then all the fearful thoughts that had led up to the "surprising and painful" text over the last two days became clear.

I knew then I had to stop thinking the negative thoughts I had been thinking.  I knew I didn't need to change any circumstance.  The only thing I needed to do was make myself feel better about the relationship and my own well-being.  I did a Focus Wheel exercise about it:
Starting with: I feel worried about....
Ending with: I know all is well because...

The cool thing that happens with the Focus Wheel is that when you start the ball rolling in the direction of feeling better, it gets easy to keep it going.
Everyone is different, but the thought that started the ball rolling for me was, "What (that person) does is none of my business"
"What anyone else does is only their effort to feel better.  It has nothing to do with me."

I spent some time that day, as soon as I had removed the rocks from my hands, making myself feel genuinely better, and even really good, about the relationship I had been agonizing over, and about myself.

I realized that even though I had been feeling really good in the moment the 'accident' happened, I still had had a very strong vibration within me of the unresolved issue that I had ignored.

It took three months to recover from the cracked sternum, and it was the first thing that hurt whenever I felt any sort of negative emotion, but I felt very appreciative of the very, very clear lessons I received from that experience.
#1  You cannot control other people or protect yourself from unwanted things
#2  If you ignore a strong negative emotion, (and the thoughts that precede it) it will get bigger (in a very clear way)
#3  Changing how I feel is the only control I have; but when I do, the result I want occurs.
#4  The very thing I was afraid of was non-existent as soon as I made myself feel better.
#5  The powerful awareness of insecurity created tangible security as soon as I made myself feel better about it.

Manifestations Reflecting Feelings

During the summer before starting 1st grade, one of our identical twins developed eczema in a stripe down the middle of his face.
We tried various topical remedies for almost three months, but it just got worse.
It made him feel self-conscious.


I got it.  When I realized I needed to look at it as a manifestation of how he was feeling, then imagined how he was feeling, I realized he was worried about starting 1st grade because he was worried about whether people would be able to tell him apart from his brother. He was feeling self-conscious about 1st grade.

I had an instant epiphany about it (while I was feeling really good).
He had manifested a way to differentiate himself!

He has a distinguishing naturally black patch of hair on the side of his head, but the long hair hides it.  He really likes his long hair.
What if we dye a small but prominent patch of his hair black?  I discussed it with Brad and he thought, and I agreed, that we should do it without his knowing so he could feel special.
I snuck into his room while he was sleeping and dyed a little of his hair.
When he woke up he was ecstatic!
He was so excited that his black patch was now more visible!
His eczema disappeared within hours.

He happily went to 1st grade with complete confidence and has never had eczema since.

We maintained his black patch for 2 years, with his blessing, and now he has decided to forgo any more maintenance, as his self-confidence has far surpassed his looks.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Letting Go of Control

One of our kids has been tested in the 98th percentile for "giftedness."  His highest strength is logical thinking.  Some educators have asked if he has Asberger's syndrome.  Apparently "gifted" and mild autism are separated by a fine line.

From first grade, he's been enrolled in a "gifted" school.  He has never been a model student.  He likes to spend his time imagining worlds and inventing things.  In class he does not pay attention to the teacher, but when tested on the subject, he can answer the questions correctly.

He has never been willing to do homework (or schoolwork, for that matter).  By second grade, he called school "jail for kids."

I thought he might be bored, so I found another school to shake things up.  This school was billed as accelerated, meaning the students can go at the (high) speed they desire.   I had all three kids tested-in to the new school.

After the first day, we realized the school gave 2 1/2 hours of homework per day.  Paris' brothers were perfectly willing to do their homework.

For the first several days of school, the teacher was rigid with anger when I picked him up from school.  He practically yelled at me about Paris' lack of attention in class and his missing homework. The teacher made it clear he felt it was my job to 'make' him do his homework.

I knew I had to make peace with the situation. 
I had had a belief about homework that was pretty negative.  I didn't believe it was necessary to expect a young kid to go to school for eight hours, then come home and work some more.
I also had a negative point of view about teaching kids things they weren't interested in.

I decided that Paris' life was his own, and I needn't get in the middle of it at all.
I talked to myself with the intention of making myself feel better about the whole school experience.
I got to a point where I genuinely felt confident that Paris and his teacher would figure it out, and I could just support him mentally.

Within ONE DAY of making that decision within myself, Paris grew interested in his homework and finished it with ease.  The teacher texted us to say Paris was suddenly paying attention in class.

Today, Paris was awarded Student of the Week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tool: List of Positive Aspects

An extremely effective tool is called the List of Positive Aspects.

One great time to use it is immediately after doing a Focus Wheel.  You feel strong negative emotion about something, (worry, or overwhelment or frustration, for instance) and you make yourself feel better about it by doing the Focus Wheel exercise.  Once you get all the way to Appreciation, you prolong and solidify the new feeling about it by doing a list of positive aspects about that situation.

Keep in mind, it is almost impossible to appreciate someone or something when you're feeling angry or irritated by it; you do a Focus Wheel about it first, and genuinely feel better (even just to get as far as to "make peace" or have "contentment" with who they seem to be) about it before you can easily come up with a list of positive aspects.

Also, it is something that you can pull out of your pocket when you are feeling pretty good and you want to feel even better than good.  (and incidentally, lots of great stuff comes pouring down upon you when you do this regularly.  But don't do it in order to make lots of good things come to you, because that thought is focused on the fact that you do not yet have those wanted things...)

The List of Positive Aspects is just that; you think of the subject and write (or imagine) everything you can think of that is positive about it. 

Make it a habit.  When you're in a situation you love, milk it.  When you're in a situation that is uncomfortable, exercise your mind to focus upon anything in the person or situation that is positive.  If you're ever in a situation when you can't think of positive aspects, go back to the Focus Wheel to get closer to Appreciation.

Everyone seems to have positive and negative attributes.  Here's a personal example:

Before I learned about Law of Attraction, I had decided a person in my life was horribly thoughtless and disrespectful.  Every encounter with him proved me right.  It felt really bad to think of him and to be around him.
I eventually realized my belief about him was effecting my interactions with him.

I did a very quick Focus Wheel about it; starting with the statement that I thought he was unkind and thoughtless, etc. 
The statement I wrote at the bottom of the page that I wanted to believe (but didn't) was that this person was generous and kind and well-meaning, etc.

I then wrote statement that I did believe that supported the wanted belief.
I remembered and wrote about an actual example of generosity.
That focused thought (because of Law of Attraction) led me to many other examples of generosity and kindness on his part.
I then easily made a list of positive aspects about him.

Every encounter with him from then on was delightful and fun and funny and full of examples of his loving nature.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tools: Moving Up the Vibrational Scale

I will continue to add tools to the Tools page, but first I'll explain them here.

The tools can be a reference for times when you don't feel good (I know the grammar sounds funny, but I do mean feel "good", as opposed to feeling "bad" emotionally.) Feeling bad may also mean physically feeling unwell, which is just an exaggerated emotion.

First, in order to feel better, you have to want to feel better. That may sound odd, but you've been taught that negative emotions are necessary for motivating others to do what you want, or to fight against something. You've also grown to believe you cannot help how you feel.

None of those things are true, (see Law of Attraction) so with that point of view, there is every reason to want to feel better.

How to feel better depends upon how far you are from feeling good. If you look at the Vibrational Scale you see that guilt is the farthest from the top of the scale as you can get.

The tool we'll talk about is Moving Up The Vibrational Scale.

This, like all tools, is a tool that you use by yourself.

You can't jump from Guilt to Joy, or even to Contentment in one thought. It's very much like tuning a radio. You have to go through the other stations to get to the one you want.
The farthest you can jump from Guilt is usually Anger.
Anger feels much better than guilt.

The point of the exercise is to move toward feeling better. Sometimes you can get all the way from the bottom of the scale to the top in 20 minutes.

I usually have the Vibrational Scale in front of me in order to spur the thoughts in the right direction.
However, the point is to move up intentionally, if only a little bit. You can stay in anger or revenge for a day or two if you like, but after a while you really want to feel better.

Let's say you are feeling guilty about something.  That thought is a far cry from who you really are and doesn't serve you.
Reach for someone to be angry with (on that subject) or entertain some fantasies of revenge (justified or not, it doesn't matter!)  Just reaching for a higher-vibrational feeling gives you a sense of relief.  That sense of relief is the indication that you have shifted the vibration.  Not only have you shifted the vibration, you have gotten the ball rolling toward feeling much better (and toward what you really want).
This does not mean ACT on any Anger or Revenge, it means write sentences (It can be done mentally, but the act of writing is the most effective means for focusing your thoughts)

Keep the ball rolling.  Reach for a thought of discouragement or worry.
The next closest thoughts of relief are disappointment, then frustration.  You are the only one who knows what really gives you relief. 
You don't have to feel every level of the vibrational scale; see how it feels and grab for the next-closest feeling of relief.

Once you get to contentment, it means you have made peace with what is.  Then it is very easy to jump to optimism and appreciation.

If you do this exercise on any subject that has you feeling unworthy ("I haven't earned it yet,  I need to accomplish 'x' in order to qualify") or a subject that makes you feel afraid or insecure ("I have to protect myself, I can't control 'x', what's going to happen?) or feelings of grief or depression ("what's the point?", I'm so tired I have no desire"), or powerless ("It doesn't matter what I do, there are just too many moving parts, other people and random rules and laws and unfair circumstances have control over my life.")

Once you move your point of view on purpose, you never go back.  Your vibrational set point on that subject is permanently shifted.  It takes focus and effort to do it again and again on various subjects, but it gets easier and easier.

Then you see the difference in what happens in your life.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amusing Attractions

I love words.  I spell words in my mind when they are spoken, like a ticker tape across my forehead.  I sometimes misspell them just to amuse myself.

Many times per day, I will think of a funny or unusual or offbeat word or phrase; like flotsam and jetsam, or denouement, or haphazard, or sturm und drang...   Then, I will see or hear it within the same day.

Today I thought of the phrase "carpe diem."  I saw it twice and heard it once.  In one day.

I read the word cockadoodledoo and was very amused by it.  Within an hour I read about people laughing over a rooster crowing.

This morning I had three words come to mind that I enjoyed contemplating;  "Exhausted," "Revenge," and "Umami."
While having a one-hour conversation with someone this afternoon about random subjects of his choosing, he said all three words.

Once, a long time ago, a word came to mind while I was laying my head on Brad's chest.  Unfortunately I don't remember the word, but it was sufficiently weird that one would not expect to hear it.  It had no context to the conversation or relevance to anything I could think of, other than the word sounded fun and amusing in my mind.
Brad immediately said the word out loud.
It was so shocking I shot up and asked him what he just said and why.  He said it again and said he didn't know why he said it.

You Get What You Think About...

....whether you like it or not!

A friend was out of town for the summer with his cat.  As he was driving home to Tucson, he was thinking about how scary it is this time of year with rattlesnakes.  He was thinking about how to protect his cat from the rattlesnakes.  He thought about it and worried about it for quite a long time on the way home.

As an aside, I've lived here for about 30 years, and worked outside for 25 of them.  I've only seen 5 rattlesnakes in the entire time I've lived and worked and hiked here. And they always get out of the way as quickly as possible. 

As soon as he got home he was unpacking his trailer, he looked over to see his cat and a rattlesnake faced off.  The snake was rattling, the cat was poised in readiness.  The friend grabbed the cat, which resulted in the cat biting and ripping the daylights out of his arm.

Another similar story goes like this:
Years ago, I went to Mexico with some friends as a passenger in their truck.  I had developed a very fearful state of mind about car accidents (and lots of other things I couldn't control).  I was always on edge and watching the road every second of the trip.  I thought if I took my eyes off the road, we would crash.
I took my eyes off the road, and we had an enormous car accident.

BTW, you don't have to think about car accidents to have a car accident, you don't have to think about rattlesnakes to have a scary encounter with one.  These types of things happen when you've been feeling chronically fearful, or vulnerable, or even angry, or when you fear lack of control over other things, for instance.  Everyone is different.  As soon as you have a negative manifestation you can ask yourself how it feels and how it matches how you have been feeling.

The key here is chronic.  It takes quite a long time of negative thinking to see the manifestation of them.  
Dont worry!  Even if you've been worried a lot, it only takes some intentional re-focusing of your thoughts to change everything that comes to you.

And even if you wait until you have a big negative manifestation, it doesn't matter, because now you have reason to change your focus.

Positive manifestations are MUCH quicker, and positive thoughts are many many times more powerful than negative ones.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making Peace with What Is

One evening my husband and I were about to go out to dinner.
The babysitter was on her way, and I walked by the kids' room and noticed it was a disaster.
I thought, "This babysitter is going to think we live in a pig sty!  Oh, Well.  No time to do anything about it now."
Without my having said anything, the next morning, one of the kids, for the first time ever, spent 2 hours cleaning the room until it was spotless.

One morning I contemplated the size and quantity of the weeds flourishing in the back yard.
I thought, "Oh, well.  I'll get to it some time soon."
That very afternoon, one of the kids took it upon himself to pull every weed.  I didn't even know kids could see weeds, let alone make a game out of pulling them.

We had made peace with the idea that we wouldn't be able to go to the beach this summer.
We had two other trips planned, and it just didn't seem possible to go.
One day, on May 25th, my husband brought up the idea seeing if we could find a place and go after all. 
We normally reserve a rental months in advance because they get booked early.  We normally go on the 1st of June.
I spent a couple of days looking for places to rent, but there were no availabilities, or they were too expensive, or they didn't allow our gigantic dog.
While I was looking, I kept noticing attributes that would be nice to have: close to the lagoon, close to Legoland, a pool and jacuzzi, larger square footage, pet friendly, walk to the beach, a fireplace.  I even saw a place that was the same price we normally spend, but the rental was for a month, not a week.  We got very excited about spending a whole month!  But that place had also been booked long ago.
I thought, "Oh, well.  It was worth a try."
The next day Brad sent me a link to a place.  It had ALL the items on my new wish list, it was the same low price that we had budgeted, and it was for a month.  We called the owners literally minutes before they were walking out the door to go to Alaska.  They agreed to rent us the house with a promise of a signed contract and a promise of a deposit.  We left 3 days later and we got to stay for a whole month!

Know what you want, make peace with what is, get happy, and watch what happens.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Change Your Mind, Change Your Outcome

When my sons were 4, 4, and 5, one of the twins realized he could get a big reaction from his older brother if he poked him and teased him relentlessly until he responded by hitting him.

My biggest hot button was the idea of one of my kids hitting another.

I flew into action and punished the hitter.  
The more I tried to control the situation, the more it escalated.

The more it escalated, the more my 5-year-old dug in his heels and refused to cooperate about anything.
He ignored me, argued, hit is brother more.
The more he did that, the more I tried to control him, and the more we butted heads.  Every time I looked at him, all I could think about what how mean he was being, and how disrespectful, and ungrateful and unlovable.

I read something about how Law of Attraction brings more of what you focus on.
I also read that thinking of someone with love, attracts the love you really want. When viewed in terms of what I was attracting into my life, not in terms of controlling another's behavior, I took resposibility for having this dynamic with him.  He wasn't acting this way around others, only me.
The brother involved was completely in it for fun. He wasn't actually getting hurt or feeling bad about these manufactured fights.

One day, I decided I would look at him with nothing but love. 
I thought of real reasons I did love him, apart from his behavior.  I thought about how cute he was, and how smart, and I remembered times he was so sweet and loving.

Within ONE HOUR, and from that day forward, his demeanor with me changed entirely.  He was suddenly sweet and happy and loving and kind.  I had not said one word to him.  All I did was change my mind.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Example of Manifesting by Default

After the birth of our first boy together, we were in an unusual state of constant bliss.  We had been spending all our time feeling so blessed and so happy and so proud and so full of love.

We were hanging out one Sunday with both visiting grandmothers, and I was perusing the Sunday paper.
I saw an ad for a new housing development that looked intriguing.
Brad and I had been discussing expanding the house we were living in, but we hadn't considered the idea of moving.
We all piled in to the car and went to see the development.
Brad was on fire with excitement over the models.  I felt electric.
We bought a house that day.  I should say we bought a plot of dirt and the plans for a house.

I had lived in at least 19 houses in my life.  I knew what I liked.
I liked 2-story houses. I liked a view of rooftops.  I liked a view of city lights.  I liked a view of mountains.  I liked big rooms.  I liked a view of weather coming from far away.  I  liked balconies.  I liked a backyard that faced east for afternoon shade.  I liked the idea of community and of kids riding bikes.  I liked nearby hiking and nearby wildlife.

This house had all of those things, most of which we didn't realize until after we moved in.

We had to sell the house we lived in.  It sold quickly, and for $30,000 over the asking price.

We bought a 4-bedroom house as husband and wife and new baby.  90 days before moving in, we got pregnant with twins.  Perfect.


Dreams are indicators of how you have been feeling.

Over time, we get into habits of thought that do not feel good, but we become so used to feeling that way, it seems normal.

Several years ago, just before learning about Law of Attraction, I had been awakened numerous times by terrifying dreams of someone trying to kill me.
The dreams got more and more intense and I began running out of the room to save myself.

Rather than look at the details of a dream, the question to ask is, how did the dream feel?
To me, the dreams felt scary and I felt helpless.

Was there an area of my life in which I felt afraid and powerless
In my work I was feeling a sense of foreboding about having massive responsibility to please customers and employees and the bank and the vendors, while at the same time feeling no sense of control over any of it.  Even after having worked as my own boss in the industry for 20 years, the stakes seemed to be getting higher and higher and the pressure to please others, and myself, was unbearable.

However, because these feelings had evolved over time, I thought the way I felt was normal!  I had acclimated to frequent feelings of fear and powerlessness.

In seeking an answer to resolving my dreams, I went to an acupuncturist who put me through a visualization exercise.  She had me imagine myself in a beautiful place, and she told me to embellish it in any way I wanted.  I visualized myself in a boat watching dolphins and whales.
I found myself feeling ecstatic!  But what was most startling to me was I was suddenly able to compare how I normally felt, to how I could feel, just by changing my thoughts.  I got the very first glimpse into how thoughts effect how I feel, and also that I had been feeling chronically bad!

This event coincided with my new awareness  of Law of Attraction, and as I began to care how I felt, I never had another bad dream.

In fact the better I felt, the more I had fantastic dreams and also fantastic outcomes at work.

One of the keys to feeling better is to stop trying to control anything.  It can't be done.  But you can control how you feel, and then everything unfolds the way you want it to.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What is a Belief?

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.
Is that a radical thought?

When you believe something, the universe keeps showing you evidence that what you believe is true.

When you believe people are rude, you see rude people everywhere.
When you believe you are accident-prone, you have lots of accidents.
When you believe there is only just enough money to get by, you get a check and a bill in the same amount, and your bank balance never gets far.
When a scientist believes he will see a particle, or he believes he will see a wave, that's what he sees.
If you believe you are taken for granted, you are.

What happens if you believe people are great?
What happens if you believe your kids are destined for greatness, but on their own terms?
What happens if you believe anything you want is yours?

How?... Continued 2

How much time per day do you spend feeling good?  How much time per day do you spend in real quiet?  Not thinking, not talking, not planning, not worrying...
For a lot of people, it can happen accidentally in the shower.  And that's it.

In the car, the talk radio is on and the subject is infuriating, or you're battling the traffic, or you're dreading the day, or you're remembering an unfinished conversation.  At work you're dealing with the task at hand, plus the office dynamics and the niggling worry about this or that, and your rating about yourself; whether you've done enough to gain approval.  There's an overriding sense of being on the hamster wheel, not really getting anywhere, having to stay on your toes or you will fall.  How much do I have to do to make people happy?  How long can I keep this up?

Or at home there are endless dishes and laundry and bottomless needs from kids.

What if you were to wake up happy?  What if you were to wake up feeling full of energy and eager for the day?  How would the rest of the day go?

The key is to go to bed happy

There are several ways to do this, and one is meditation.  Meditation is simply stopping thought.  When you stop thought, you stop negative thought, and your natural state of being is that of feeling good. (believe it or not!) 
The way to stop thought is to focus on something that has no meaning, like the sound of the air conditioner, or a dripping faucet, or counting breaths.  When your mind wanders, just gently let it go and refocus on the sound.  It can be done for just 15 minutes, and you will automatically raise your vibrational state of being.  Go to sleep that way and you will wake up feeling awesome.

 If you are unaware of how it feels to feel good on a regular basis, set aside 15 minutes per day to meditate, you will create a new set point for your natural state of being.  There's no wrong way to do it, and it may take some practice to get past one minute of non-thought, to 5 minutes of non-thought...

Another way is to focus on something general that feels good, like the way your pillow feels, or the way your sheets feel, or the perfect temperature of the room.  Think about how comfortable you are and dwell on that thought.  Often your thoughts bring you to other pleasant thoughts, and you get on a pleasant-feeling roll.

Another trick is to think of words that feel good. Using the alphabet makes you focus even more:  Appreciate. Blissful. Comfortable. Delicious. Enjoy. Fluffy. Good. Happy. Ideal. Joyous. Knowing. Loving.  More. New. Open. Powerful. Quiet. Restful. Strong. Terrific. Unlimited. Vital. Wonderful, Xhilerated, Yummy, Zealous....

Another method is to remember something that felt good when it happened.  Re-create it in your mind.  Do it again and again. Embellish it.  Make it even better.  Add dialogue you would have liked to have heard at the time.  Imagine yourself telling the event to another person...

Another method is to imagine a scenario you want to have happen.  Make it happen exactly the way you want it to happen. Add appreciative people, or a cheering crowd, or a Nobel Prize. 

You always wake up in the same state in which you went to sleep.  If you go to sleep worried, you wake up worried.  And you have dreams that play out the exaggerated sense of worry!
  (more about dreams later)

How?... continued

In order to feel good and draw the life you want, (and to be who you really are) you have to stop worrying.

Stop worrying? 
Aren't we supposed to worry?  Aren't we supposed to be prepared for the worst?  Aren't we supposed to prevent unwanted things by doing things that protect us?   Isn't the media constantly telling us about the next thing we should be worried about?

No, no, absolutely not, and yes they are.

When you worry, you are focused on what you do not want.  When you are focused on what you do not want, you draw more of the same.

This is a big thought to wrap your head around: A Belief is just a thought you keep thinking.  Nothing more. 

The only way to stop worrying is to either change your point of view about the subject (see Tools: Focus Wheel)  or change the subject and think about something else that feels better.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Now that I know I want to get happy, and now that I know there is Good Reason to get happy (see Law of Attraction), and now that I know my mood is entirely my responsibility.....   How do I do it?

First, Stop doing all those things that focus your attention away from feeling good:
Stop complaining
Stop listening to complaining.
Stop gossiping.
Stop watching the news
Stop trying to control other people.
Stop trying to control circumstances.

Then, think about things that make you feel good;
That thing that made you proud
That thing your kid did
The clouds, the trees, the lake..
That thing that comedian said
Those movie quotes
This traffic that's moving so well
Those friends that gathered for that thing
This car that is so smooth and fun to drive
This pillow that feels so comfy
This air tempreature that is so perfect
That thing I'm looking forward to
That thing I remember that felt so good

It only tales 17 seconds for a thought to attract another thought like it.  It only takes 68 seconds for a thought to start attracting things that match.

Then, think of things to do that feel good:
take a bath
take a nap
watch a funny movie
get a massage
talk to a happy friend
read a funny book
take a walk
look a stranger in the eyes and smile
make a funny Facebook post
take pictures of things
sing a song
listen to music
look around a room and try to think of as many things you like in that room as possible
think of a person and try to think of as many things you like about that person as possible
write happy words
go through the alphabet and write a happy-emotion word for every letter in the alphabet be continued

A Test of Expectation

Feel good, and all kinds of cool things happen.

Again, it was early on in my realization of this amazing phenomenon of Law of Attraction, but I had been practicing the art of feeling good, and I decided to test it for fun.

Completely randomly, I thought, "Today, I would like to see paisley, puka shells, and $100 bills."  Attached to that thought was that I would feel exhilarated by the magic of their appearance.

Brad and I went to lunch, and in walked a woman dressed head-to-toe in a paisley dress.  Woo-hoo~!

I sold a piece of equipment at work.  Instead of paying me with a check, the buyer handed me seventeen $100 bills.  Yes!

Brad and I watched a sitcom that night.  One of the characters on a show was wearing a puka shell necklace.  OMG.

It seems like a small, silly thing, but it is a perfect example of expectation.  I had seen how Law of Attraction delivers what you expect, and I believed that what I wanted to see would show up somehow.
I did not Look for the items, because the act of looking would have naturally noticed their absence, and added the negative thought of "it's not here yet".
I also had no attachment to the idea of the items not showing up, which meant I had no resistance.
It seems like smaller things are easier than bigger things.   But they are not.  It's only whether you let go and have faith, believe, know...  These are all emotions above the dividing line between positive and negative emotions on the Vibrational Scale

BTW, Doubt is just a thought, but it is a negative thought.  Belief is the opposite, but it is also only a thought.... But a very powerful one.

Wouldn't It Be Nice If...

When you start intentionally feeling as good as you can feel, life tends to unfold like a red carpet.

I needed to go to a title company, and arrived 30 minutes before they opened.  I pulled my car into the space in front of the store and thought, "Oh, well, I'll just listen to music and hang out for 30 minutes."  Then I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if there was someone already inside, and they notice me out here in my car, and they wave for me to come in early."
30 seconds later, a woman came to the window, saw me outside, waved me in, and took care of my title.

Another day I was standing #3 in line at the grocery store.  I thought "Wouldn't it be nice if a cashier opened a new line for me?"
Within a minute, a cashier walked around another line, came directly to me, and took me around the other line to her newly opened register.

On my way to the grocery store another day, I had my dog in the car with me.  I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I get the parking spot right by the door so Bode can meet everyone coming in and out of the store."
The lot was full, the spot was open.

I had been invited to dinner with a friend, but I really didn't want to go.  I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if it was cancelled."  30 minutes later, the friend called to say she had to cancel our dinner date.

I had been asked to do a favor for a friend.  I agreed, but promptly forgot about it until the morning of the day I was supposed to do the favor.  I made peace with the idea of doing it, but I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if the friend doesn't need the favor after all?"
20 minutes before I was due to go, the friend called to say the schedule had been moved and he no longer needed the favor.

My wonderful husband and 3 adorable kids were out of town for a few days.  They were due to come back that night, and I thought, "I'm really not ready for them to come home yet.  Wouldn't it be nice if I had an extra free day?"
My husband called to say their flight had been cancelled and they would not be home for another day.

These things don't happen just occasionally, they happen nearly every day, and often several times a day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Manifesting with Pictures

While I'm talking about fun animal manifestations, I'll throw in a couple more here.
One day I decided I wanted to see more variety of animals on my hike.
I went online and looked at pictures of coatimundis and foxes.
The next morning I stood within 3 feet of a fox. I had never, ever seen a fox before.

Another day I went online and looked a pictures of alpacas, just because I enjoy looking at them.
The next day I hiked into a new area far into the mountains and saw 6 alpacas in a corral in someone's backyard.  I had no idea there were any alpacas in Tucson.

One morning I said to myself, today I'd like to see a coyote and a snake and a hawk.  All three appeared.

Manifesting by Desire: Deer

I had a vague understanding of Law of Attraction.  I wanted to put it to the test.
I knew there were Mule Deer in our area because I had seen them 20 years before.
I hiked the washes and trails every day.  For years.  And I looked for deer.
I never saw them.
I really wanted to.
Then one night I was watching television with my husband.   There, on the show, walked a mule deer.
I thought, "There it is!  Oh,  goody, I'm going to see a mule deer tomorrow."
The next morning, I met some new neighbors on the way to the trail, and I purposely didn't tell them about the trail so they wouldn't scare away the deer.
I saw some horse poop on the trail and I thought, " I hope the horses didn't scare away the deer!"
Then, around the corner, on the trail I had been hiking for 6 years, were 4 mule deer.
They just stood there.  I gasped with astonishment at their size and beauty and their enormous ears.

From that day on, I saw deer every day.

Here's what happened:  I had been actively looking for deer.  When I was looking for something I couldn't see, my thoughts were full of the absence of what I wanted. My thoughts were of No Deer. No Deer Here.  No Deer Yet.  Also, I was testing myself, so every day without a deer made me think, "I'm not doing it right", which is a pretty negative state of mind.
When I saw the deer on TV, THAT deer was a manifestation of the deer I'd been wanting to see and that it was an indication the ice had been broken.  My attitude on the next morning's hike was that of real expectation of seeing the deer.  I wasn't going to look for them, because I knew they would be there.  I had convinced myself they would be there.
Expectation is a very powerful thing.

"Looking for Deer" is my new metaphor for being aware of what is not there.
When you want something, and you do not see it, your awareness is "it is not there"
When you believe it is there, and you stop looking, it will appear.

Manifestation by Letting Go: Babies

When my husband and I got married, we decided we wanted two kids, close in age so they could be buddies.
I was 36, so we agreed to get started on kids pretty quickly.
Months went by and nothing happened.  I began to focus on No Baby.
Eventually we did get pregnant, but it resulted in a miscarriage.  Again, No Baby.
Another miscarriage. No Baby.   By then two years had gone by.

It felt so bad, I decided I was willing to give up on the idea of having babies.  I had a wonderful boy from my previous marriage.  We had a great relationship.  We had a great life.  I'm okay with having no more kids.

We went skiing.

3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant.
While I was joyously pregnant, Brad and I fantasized about having twins.  I'd always wanted twins.  My mother had always wanted twins.  How fun would that be?
We had our beautiful boy.  I immediately began planning for the next baby, because if it took 2 years to have this one, it may take two years to have another.  I thought I could nurse this baby for 3 months, then stop, so I could have the next one. 
Within 3 weeks of stopping nursing the baby, I got pregnant with twins.

Law of Attraction says; know what you want. (Baby)
Let go of what is. (No baby)
Get happy.
Get Everything you want. Baby AND twins.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Foreclosure Example

One day a couple of years ago, I opened the mail to find a foreclosure notice.  It said my home was due to be auctioned on a specific date and time, 60 days away. 

It was early in my understanding of the Law of Attraction, but I knew enough to know what to do.
I knew I did not want my house to be sold.  I love my house so much.
I knew I had attracted this manifestation, (by worrying about money and worrying about not being able to control others, etc), but I also knew I had manifested a foreclosure notice, not a foreclosure.
I knew the only way to release resistance (or catch up with what I really wanted) about this issue was to "make peace" with it. 

I threw the foreclosure notice in the trash.
Then, my thoughts went like this, "Okay, It's not the end of the world.  If this house is sold, I can handle it.  I do like to move.  Moving is exciting.  Maybe we can move to the house not far away that is for rent.  It is beautiful and it has a pool.  Having a pool would be fun."
I imagined myself happily moving, and imagined the thrill of newness and variety.  I imagined my kids being excited about a change in environment.  I imagined being appreciative of the house we've lived in and leaving it with gratitude.  I talked to my husband about it in a way that conveyed my complete acceptance of a move.

30 days later I opened a letter that said that if we sent the 2nd mortgage company $7,000, that mortgage of $99,000 would be paid off and there would be no foreclosure.

We happened to have almost exactly $7,000, so we sent it to them.  Not only was there no foreclosure, our first mortgage was adjusted to below 5%.

Those are the steps to intentional manifestation.  You know what you don't want, you know what you do want, you make peace with what is, and think thoughts that feel good.  That's it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Life Reflects How You Feel

All manifestations are a match to how you are feeling, whether you are aware of it or not.

Here is an example of a positive manifestation I created by default (without knowing about Law of Attraction or about the intentional direction of thought):

I had found myself single and living alone for the first time ever at the age of 35.  I had had two marriages and a newly broken-up 2-year relationship with someone I thought I had wanted to marry. 

After the split, I rented a little, beautiful, charming house in the desert on 3 acres.

For about 2 months, I felt excruciating pain at the loss of the last relationship.  But I then suddenly found myself surprised by the thrill of being alone and having the freedom to do whatever I liked. 

I played my favorite music loudly, did home repairs, sang, drank margaritas, ate whatever occurred to me, joined a horse jumping stable and rode often, jogged, dated casually, and bought a puppy.
I outfitted my bed with a feather bed and feather pillows and a feather comforter and literally sighed with pleasure every single time I got into that bed.

Every time I arrived home after work, I gushed with appreciation over the beautiful landscape around the house, the gorgeous, 3-inch-thick front door, the beautiful (inexpensive) chandelier over the big teak table (I had bought for half price 10 years prior) as I went inside.  I relished the earthy smell of the place, and the wonderful, old wooden windows which leaked hot and cold air, and my amazing puppy.

For the first time in my life, I had no relationship and I sincerely didn't care. 

Then Brad showed up.

Law of Attraction works like this:  You encounter things you don't want, such as elements of relationships that don't work, and you automatically "ask" for improvement.  Over time, every single time you encounter something that you don't want, you launch and launch and launch again new improvements for what you really want.  It is most often not a conscious "asking", but a very clear and precise asking for a version you would prefer.  I unknowingly had put together a relationship, bit by bit, which matched perfectly to all the requests I had put forth. 

The second component of Law of Attraction is to "make peace" with where you are.  Which means, accept your current circumstance and let go of needing to change any circumstance in order to feel good.  Do whatever you can to feel good anyway.

The third component of Law of Attraction is that all the requests you have created are accessible to you if you get happy (and stop thinking about the absence of things you want...).  Refer to Law of Attraction in this blog for more clarification about how that really works.

I accidentally got happy.  During that time alone, I spent more time than I had ever spent in my life feeling happy.  I was using my surroundings as my excuse for feeling happy, but I instinctively knew I wanted to maintain that state of mind, because it was delicious.

Even though, by default, I had decided that a relationship was not necessary to feel good, within a few months, a partner showed up who was the epitome of fulfilment of all the things I had been asking for in a relationship.

We've been married almost 13 years now.  We continually marvel over how astonishingly good our relationship is.  But I know for certain, that until I had accidentally (or on purpose) gotten happy, he would not have appeared.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kicked Car

Everything that occurs in your life is a result of what you think about. (see Law of Attraction). If you spend your days thinking about what you observe, or thinking about what you should be protecting yourself from, or thinking about how you can do things to control how other people treat you, or influencing what they do, or what you can do to make them like you more, or how to pay bills you don't have the money for... your life feels as if you are a marble in a pinball game.

If you don't know that you are like a very, very powerful magnet, you manifest by default, meaning life unfolds to match how you feel, whether you know it or not. No exceptions.

Here is an example of negative manifestation by default (unintentional):

I went into the school to pick up my 3 young kids. When I returned to my (new) car, I saw that someone had kicked the bumper so hard it was slightly wrinkled, paint-chipped, and displaying a shoe print so clearly I could see the pattern on the bottom of the shoe. It looked like an expression of shear anger.

I had been studying Law of Attraction long enough to know that I wouldn't have attracted anger if I were not angry myself.

I suddenly realized I was angry! I knew in an instant that not only was I angry, but I had been angry for a while.  I had been thinking that it wasn't fair that I was the one who had to sacrifice my time at 2:42pm to stop my day to pick up kids.

I had been unaware of how I felt; first, because I had grown accustomed to negative feelings, and second, because feeling angry over picking up kids is socially inappropriate!

Law of Attraction dictates that when you have a negative emotion and ignore it, it will get bigger!
First there is the emotion, then if it is ignored there is bodily sensation; tension, stomachache, headache, stubbed toe, etc.  If that is ignored, next is larger physical manifestation; illness, accident, people yelling at you, kicked bumper...

I immediately understood the (nearly) unconscious dialogue I had been having with myself about how "unfair" it was that I had to be responsible for kid pick-ups and illnesses and days off even though I was employed full time, and bringing home all the bacon, for that matter!

I knew feeling angry didn't feel good, and I knew for sure that if I ignored this little manifestation, something even bigger would be imminent.

I talked to myself with the precise intention of making myself feel better. (without changing the circumstance)!
I acknowledged that it really wasn't that much of a hardship. I also acknowledged that the kids were really pretty self-sufficient at home and weren't taxing my sense of freedom when we were at home.
I worked on thoughts along those lines for the next 10 minutes, from the moment we got into the car until we arrived at home. I ended with feeling appreciative that I got spend time with these delightful kids and that my husband got to have the freedom of focusing on his work without interruption and that he enjoys his work so much and I am lucky to have a job that allows me the flexibility to be home in the afternoon...

As a result of that experience and those 10 minutes of deliberate thought, I permanently dropped the insidious feeling of anger and resentment on that subject, which subsequently meant more joyous kid pick-ups, more appreciation for myself and my ability to raise my emotional set-point, more appreciation for my husband, even though he had no idea I was mad at him in the first place, and no more angry, victimized manifestations!

Manifesting by Appreciation

Soon after learning about the Law of Attraction, and after having practiced feeling good on purpose, I decided that one of the things I can do that makes me feel good is to look at pictures of beautiful things and to think about animals; particularly wild animals.

One day I was looking at pictures of hawks. They were gorgeous pictures of the birds in flight and of the beautiful feather patterns and aerial wizardry. I spent a good 20 minutes admiring those pictures. Then my 7yr old came into the room, and I showed all the photos to him.

The next day, on my morning hike, a hawk swooped down near my left shoulder and landed in a bare tree right in front of me. I was excited by seeing a hawk so close and I stood and gazed at him for a while. He then took off, went some distance, turned around, and purposely flew low over my head. I thought, "Oh my god, that is the very picture I was looking at yesterday!" The feather pattern was so clear and beautiful.

For the next 6 months, I was joined by a hawk on every single hike, every single morning. I was so thrilled by this amazing connection to these wild animals (there was more than one type of hawk involved in these encounters).  Seeing a hawk at all was not common, let alone seeing a hawk that was close and interacting with me.

On one occasion, I was on a trail many miles from my usual route, and I was carrying a binocular camera to take pictures of a hawk.  I was walking along, not paying attention and looking at the ground, when a hawk got my attention by swooping down close in front of me, then obligingly landed in a nearby bare tree and posed for his pictures.
Another time I went to meditate at a nearby ashram (just to see what it was like!) and when I returned to my car, there was a hawk sitting on a very low branch of a tree, right next to my car.
I went on a hike later that morning, and there he was again, sitting on a saguaro, watching my dog and I walk by.   I thought, "I'd love to see your wings...". He immediately spread his wings out, waited a beat, then rose into the air.

Another day, I shortened my usual hike because it was cold. I went home, thinking "I haven't connected with a hawk yet today..". I made some tea, got a blanket to wrap around my shoulders and a blanket for the dog to lie on, and went into the front yard to sit on a bench. I sat down, scanned the sky for 10 seconds, then watched my hawk and his mate glide just above the ground, from one end of my street to the other, showing off their prowess at weaving between the shrubs. Wow!!

One rare day, I didn't go for a hike. I went into my son's room, where he was looking out the window.  "What are you looking at?" 
He showed me he was looking at a hawk on the roof across the street. He said, "Isn't it neat how they glow with white light?" (I had just discovered the week before that if I looked at a hawk closely, I could see a bright white aura around them..) My son is unerringly tapped in to things I think about, but that's another story...

Another day, I went for a hike at a wetland park. I heard a hawk calling loudly, so I went over and admired him in a nearby tree.  He grew quiet while I told him how lovely he was. I said goodbye and started to walk away.
The hawk then followed me, literally just out of reach over my shoulder, while I laughed and talked to him for 50 yards. He landed in another tree where I stopped to watch a group of people gush over him while they took pictures. I turned to leave and the hawk again used the wind currents to hover directly over my shoulder for a leisurely walk down the trail!

One day, I sat to meditate, and a hawk landed in the tree I was sitting beneath.  I focused on the tree opposite and thought "I'll bet a hummingbird shows up" (I had seen hummingbirds almost as often as hawks).  Within a minute, two hummingbirds came to sit on the tree I was looking at.  I was thrilled at seeing a pair, because normally I see a male chasing away another male. 
I then thought, " I'd like to see you closer". I relaxed and look down the trail and soon heard the sound of buzzing directly over my head, then saw the hummingbird land upon a branch that was within a few inches of my head.
Then I thought, "I'll bet a rabbit shows up."  Almost immediately, a rabbit hopped over to the tree I had been looking at, put it's paws up on the trunk as if to show off its belly for no reason, then hopped away.

Another rare day without a hike, I passed by a window of my house, and there the hawk was in the tree in my back yard.

All of these occurrences, and many, many more, are perfect examples of Law of Attraction drawing to me what I think about, what I appreciate, what matches my feeling of delight over encounters with wild animals.
Next time I'll tell you about deer!

The New Car

For the last two weeks, I'd been thinking I'd like a bigger car.  I love the car I have; it's high-tech, beautiful, functional, but it's not big enough for the relatively frequent occasions when we have family plus grandmother and cousins and the dog, etc.

Step 1. for any manifestation: Ask.  You ask automatically whenever you notice something you don't want, such as having a car that can't accommodate enough people.

Just noticing the deficiency in my car was the "asking".

Then I decided I could certainly live with the car I have.  It is perfectly wonderful in many other ways.

Step 2. in any manifestation;  "Make Peace" with where you are (or what the current situation is). This simply means you let go of resistance by not "pushing against" the current reality.

Within two weeks of my "asking", my husband, out of the blue, and without my having told him any of my thoughts about my car, called me from work to ask whether I would like to trade my car for a Nissan Armada (a huge car we had test-driven years ago and really loved).
Three days later, he came home with exactly the car that I was fantasizing about.  Plus, he told me it will cost almost $400 less per month in payments.  Perfect.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I worked hard to earn my identity; my worthiness.
I believed them when they said my worth depended upon what I did, or whom I pleased.
I believed them when they said my worth should be compared to others'.
I believed that I must trade time and freedom for my share of dwindling resources.
I believed them when they said there were things I must protest against.
I believed there were things I should be afraid of.

And then one day...

I saw who I really am.
And I let go of all those beliefs.
And the world opened up...