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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tools: Moving Up the Vibrational Scale

I will continue to add tools to the Tools page, but first I'll explain them here.

The tools can be a reference for times when you don't feel good (I know the grammar sounds funny, but I do mean feel "good", as opposed to feeling "bad" emotionally.) Feeling bad may also mean physically feeling unwell, which is just an exaggerated emotion.

First, in order to feel better, you have to want to feel better. That may sound odd, but you've been taught that negative emotions are necessary for motivating others to do what you want, or to fight against something. You've also grown to believe you cannot help how you feel.

None of those things are true, (see Law of Attraction) so with that point of view, there is every reason to want to feel better.

How to feel better depends upon how far you are from feeling good. If you look at the Vibrational Scale you see that guilt is the farthest from the top of the scale as you can get.

The tool we'll talk about is Moving Up The Vibrational Scale.

This, like all tools, is a tool that you use by yourself.

You can't jump from Guilt to Joy, or even to Contentment in one thought. It's very much like tuning a radio. You have to go through the other stations to get to the one you want.
The farthest you can jump from Guilt is usually Anger.
Anger feels much better than guilt.

The point of the exercise is to move toward feeling better. Sometimes you can get all the way from the bottom of the scale to the top in 20 minutes.

I usually have the Vibrational Scale in front of me in order to spur the thoughts in the right direction.
However, the point is to move up intentionally, if only a little bit. You can stay in anger or revenge for a day or two if you like, but after a while you really want to feel better.

Let's say you are feeling guilty about something.  That thought is a far cry from who you really are and doesn't serve you.
Reach for someone to be angry with (on that subject) or entertain some fantasies of revenge (justified or not, it doesn't matter!)  Just reaching for a higher-vibrational feeling gives you a sense of relief.  That sense of relief is the indication that you have shifted the vibration.  Not only have you shifted the vibration, you have gotten the ball rolling toward feeling much better (and toward what you really want).
This does not mean ACT on any Anger or Revenge, it means write sentences (It can be done mentally, but the act of writing is the most effective means for focusing your thoughts)

Keep the ball rolling.  Reach for a thought of discouragement or worry.
The next closest thoughts of relief are disappointment, then frustration.  You are the only one who knows what really gives you relief. 
You don't have to feel every level of the vibrational scale; see how it feels and grab for the next-closest feeling of relief.

Once you get to contentment, it means you have made peace with what is.  Then it is very easy to jump to optimism and appreciation.

If you do this exercise on any subject that has you feeling unworthy ("I haven't earned it yet,  I need to accomplish 'x' in order to qualify") or a subject that makes you feel afraid or insecure ("I have to protect myself, I can't control 'x', what's going to happen?) or feelings of grief or depression ("what's the point?", I'm so tired I have no desire"), or powerless ("It doesn't matter what I do, there are just too many moving parts, other people and random rules and laws and unfair circumstances have control over my life.")

Once you move your point of view on purpose, you never go back.  Your vibrational set point on that subject is permanently shifted.  It takes focus and effort to do it again and again on various subjects, but it gets easier and easier.

Then you see the difference in what happens in your life.

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  1. I find it interesting and relieving that anger is above guilt. We are taught not to be angry and to hold that emotion in. It is very energetic to be angry and now I understand that has to do with moving UP the emotional chart!