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Monday, August 8, 2011

Life Reflects How You Feel

All manifestations are a match to how you are feeling, whether you are aware of it or not.

Here is an example of a positive manifestation I created by default (without knowing about Law of Attraction or about the intentional direction of thought):

I had found myself single and living alone for the first time ever at the age of 35.  I had had two marriages and a newly broken-up 2-year relationship with someone I thought I had wanted to marry. 

After the split, I rented a little, beautiful, charming house in the desert on 3 acres.

For about 2 months, I felt excruciating pain at the loss of the last relationship.  But I then suddenly found myself surprised by the thrill of being alone and having the freedom to do whatever I liked. 

I played my favorite music loudly, did home repairs, sang, drank margaritas, ate whatever occurred to me, joined a horse jumping stable and rode often, jogged, dated casually, and bought a puppy.
I outfitted my bed with a feather bed and feather pillows and a feather comforter and literally sighed with pleasure every single time I got into that bed.

Every time I arrived home after work, I gushed with appreciation over the beautiful landscape around the house, the gorgeous, 3-inch-thick front door, the beautiful (inexpensive) chandelier over the big teak table (I had bought for half price 10 years prior) as I went inside.  I relished the earthy smell of the place, and the wonderful, old wooden windows which leaked hot and cold air, and my amazing puppy.

For the first time in my life, I had no relationship and I sincerely didn't care. 

Then Brad showed up.

Law of Attraction works like this:  You encounter things you don't want, such as elements of relationships that don't work, and you automatically "ask" for improvement.  Over time, every single time you encounter something that you don't want, you launch and launch and launch again new improvements for what you really want.  It is most often not a conscious "asking", but a very clear and precise asking for a version you would prefer.  I unknowingly had put together a relationship, bit by bit, which matched perfectly to all the requests I had put forth. 

The second component of Law of Attraction is to "make peace" with where you are.  Which means, accept your current circumstance and let go of needing to change any circumstance in order to feel good.  Do whatever you can to feel good anyway.

The third component of Law of Attraction is that all the requests you have created are accessible to you if you get happy (and stop thinking about the absence of things you want...).  Refer to Law of Attraction in this blog for more clarification about how that really works.

I accidentally got happy.  During that time alone, I spent more time than I had ever spent in my life feeling happy.  I was using my surroundings as my excuse for feeling happy, but I instinctively knew I wanted to maintain that state of mind, because it was delicious.

Even though, by default, I had decided that a relationship was not necessary to feel good, within a few months, a partner showed up who was the epitome of fulfilment of all the things I had been asking for in a relationship.

We've been married almost 13 years now.  We continually marvel over how astonishingly good our relationship is.  But I know for certain, that until I had accidentally (or on purpose) gotten happy, he would not have appeared.

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