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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The New Car

For the last two weeks, I'd been thinking I'd like a bigger car.  I love the car I have; it's high-tech, beautiful, functional, but it's not big enough for the relatively frequent occasions when we have family plus grandmother and cousins and the dog, etc.

Step 1. for any manifestation: Ask.  You ask automatically whenever you notice something you don't want, such as having a car that can't accommodate enough people.

Just noticing the deficiency in my car was the "asking".

Then I decided I could certainly live with the car I have.  It is perfectly wonderful in many other ways.

Step 2. in any manifestation;  "Make Peace" with where you are (or what the current situation is). This simply means you let go of resistance by not "pushing against" the current reality.

Within two weeks of my "asking", my husband, out of the blue, and without my having told him any of my thoughts about my car, called me from work to ask whether I would like to trade my car for a Nissan Armada (a huge car we had test-driven years ago and really loved).
Three days later, he came home with exactly the car that I was fantasizing about.  Plus, he told me it will cost almost $400 less per month in payments.  Perfect.

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