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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Test of Expectation

Feel good, and all kinds of cool things happen.

Again, it was early on in my realization of this amazing phenomenon of Law of Attraction, but I had been practicing the art of feeling good, and I decided to test it for fun.

Completely randomly, I thought, "Today, I would like to see paisley, puka shells, and $100 bills."  Attached to that thought was that I would feel exhilarated by the magic of their appearance.

Brad and I went to lunch, and in walked a woman dressed head-to-toe in a paisley dress.  Woo-hoo~!

I sold a piece of equipment at work.  Instead of paying me with a check, the buyer handed me seventeen $100 bills.  Yes!

Brad and I watched a sitcom that night.  One of the characters on a show was wearing a puka shell necklace.  OMG.

It seems like a small, silly thing, but it is a perfect example of expectation.  I had seen how Law of Attraction delivers what you expect, and I believed that what I wanted to see would show up somehow.
I did not Look for the items, because the act of looking would have naturally noticed their absence, and added the negative thought of "it's not here yet".
I also had no attachment to the idea of the items not showing up, which meant I had no resistance.
It seems like smaller things are easier than bigger things.   But they are not.  It's only whether you let go and have faith, believe, know...  These are all emotions above the dividing line between positive and negative emotions on the Vibrational Scale

BTW, Doubt is just a thought, but it is a negative thought.  Belief is the opposite, but it is also only a thought.... But a very powerful one.

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