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Saturday, August 13, 2011

How?... Continued 2

How much time per day do you spend feeling good?  How much time per day do you spend in real quiet?  Not thinking, not talking, not planning, not worrying...
For a lot of people, it can happen accidentally in the shower.  And that's it.

In the car, the talk radio is on and the subject is infuriating, or you're battling the traffic, or you're dreading the day, or you're remembering an unfinished conversation.  At work you're dealing with the task at hand, plus the office dynamics and the niggling worry about this or that, and your rating about yourself; whether you've done enough to gain approval.  There's an overriding sense of being on the hamster wheel, not really getting anywhere, having to stay on your toes or you will fall.  How much do I have to do to make people happy?  How long can I keep this up?

Or at home there are endless dishes and laundry and bottomless needs from kids.

What if you were to wake up happy?  What if you were to wake up feeling full of energy and eager for the day?  How would the rest of the day go?

The key is to go to bed happy

There are several ways to do this, and one is meditation.  Meditation is simply stopping thought.  When you stop thought, you stop negative thought, and your natural state of being is that of feeling good. (believe it or not!) 
The way to stop thought is to focus on something that has no meaning, like the sound of the air conditioner, or a dripping faucet, or counting breaths.  When your mind wanders, just gently let it go and refocus on the sound.  It can be done for just 15 minutes, and you will automatically raise your vibrational state of being.  Go to sleep that way and you will wake up feeling awesome.

 If you are unaware of how it feels to feel good on a regular basis, set aside 15 minutes per day to meditate, you will create a new set point for your natural state of being.  There's no wrong way to do it, and it may take some practice to get past one minute of non-thought, to 5 minutes of non-thought...

Another way is to focus on something general that feels good, like the way your pillow feels, or the way your sheets feel, or the perfect temperature of the room.  Think about how comfortable you are and dwell on that thought.  Often your thoughts bring you to other pleasant thoughts, and you get on a pleasant-feeling roll.

Another trick is to think of words that feel good. Using the alphabet makes you focus even more:  Appreciate. Blissful. Comfortable. Delicious. Enjoy. Fluffy. Good. Happy. Ideal. Joyous. Knowing. Loving.  More. New. Open. Powerful. Quiet. Restful. Strong. Terrific. Unlimited. Vital. Wonderful, Xhilerated, Yummy, Zealous....

Another method is to remember something that felt good when it happened.  Re-create it in your mind.  Do it again and again. Embellish it.  Make it even better.  Add dialogue you would have liked to have heard at the time.  Imagine yourself telling the event to another person...

Another method is to imagine a scenario you want to have happen.  Make it happen exactly the way you want it to happen. Add appreciative people, or a cheering crowd, or a Nobel Prize. 

You always wake up in the same state in which you went to sleep.  If you go to sleep worried, you wake up worried.  And you have dreams that play out the exaggerated sense of worry!
  (more about dreams later)

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