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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Manifesting by Appreciation

Soon after learning about the Law of Attraction, and after having practiced feeling good on purpose, I decided that one of the things I can do that makes me feel good is to look at pictures of beautiful things and to think about animals; particularly wild animals.

One day I was looking at pictures of hawks. They were gorgeous pictures of the birds in flight and of the beautiful feather patterns and aerial wizardry. I spent a good 20 minutes admiring those pictures. Then my 7yr old came into the room, and I showed all the photos to him.

The next day, on my morning hike, a hawk swooped down near my left shoulder and landed in a bare tree right in front of me. I was excited by seeing a hawk so close and I stood and gazed at him for a while. He then took off, went some distance, turned around, and purposely flew low over my head. I thought, "Oh my god, that is the very picture I was looking at yesterday!" The feather pattern was so clear and beautiful.

For the next 6 months, I was joined by a hawk on every single hike, every single morning. I was so thrilled by this amazing connection to these wild animals (there was more than one type of hawk involved in these encounters).  Seeing a hawk at all was not common, let alone seeing a hawk that was close and interacting with me.

On one occasion, I was on a trail many miles from my usual route, and I was carrying a binocular camera to take pictures of a hawk.  I was walking along, not paying attention and looking at the ground, when a hawk got my attention by swooping down close in front of me, then obligingly landed in a nearby bare tree and posed for his pictures.
Another time I went to meditate at a nearby ashram (just to see what it was like!) and when I returned to my car, there was a hawk sitting on a very low branch of a tree, right next to my car.
I went on a hike later that morning, and there he was again, sitting on a saguaro, watching my dog and I walk by.   I thought, "I'd love to see your wings...". He immediately spread his wings out, waited a beat, then rose into the air.

Another day, I shortened my usual hike because it was cold. I went home, thinking "I haven't connected with a hawk yet today..". I made some tea, got a blanket to wrap around my shoulders and a blanket for the dog to lie on, and went into the front yard to sit on a bench. I sat down, scanned the sky for 10 seconds, then watched my hawk and his mate glide just above the ground, from one end of my street to the other, showing off their prowess at weaving between the shrubs. Wow!!

One rare day, I didn't go for a hike. I went into my son's room, where he was looking out the window.  "What are you looking at?" 
He showed me he was looking at a hawk on the roof across the street. He said, "Isn't it neat how they glow with white light?" (I had just discovered the week before that if I looked at a hawk closely, I could see a bright white aura around them..) My son is unerringly tapped in to things I think about, but that's another story...

Another day, I went for a hike at a wetland park. I heard a hawk calling loudly, so I went over and admired him in a nearby tree.  He grew quiet while I told him how lovely he was. I said goodbye and started to walk away.
The hawk then followed me, literally just out of reach over my shoulder, while I laughed and talked to him for 50 yards. He landed in another tree where I stopped to watch a group of people gush over him while they took pictures. I turned to leave and the hawk again used the wind currents to hover directly over my shoulder for a leisurely walk down the trail!

One day, I sat to meditate, and a hawk landed in the tree I was sitting beneath.  I focused on the tree opposite and thought "I'll bet a hummingbird shows up" (I had seen hummingbirds almost as often as hawks).  Within a minute, two hummingbirds came to sit on the tree I was looking at.  I was thrilled at seeing a pair, because normally I see a male chasing away another male. 
I then thought, " I'd like to see you closer". I relaxed and look down the trail and soon heard the sound of buzzing directly over my head, then saw the hummingbird land upon a branch that was within a few inches of my head.
Then I thought, "I'll bet a rabbit shows up."  Almost immediately, a rabbit hopped over to the tree I had been looking at, put it's paws up on the trunk as if to show off its belly for no reason, then hopped away.

Another rare day without a hike, I passed by a window of my house, and there the hawk was in the tree in my back yard.

All of these occurrences, and many, many more, are perfect examples of Law of Attraction drawing to me what I think about, what I appreciate, what matches my feeling of delight over encounters with wild animals.
Next time I'll tell you about deer!

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