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Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Example of Manifesting by Default

After the birth of our first boy together, we were in an unusual state of constant bliss.  We had been spending all our time feeling so blessed and so happy and so proud and so full of love.

We were hanging out one Sunday with both visiting grandmothers, and I was perusing the Sunday paper.
I saw an ad for a new housing development that looked intriguing.
Brad and I had been discussing expanding the house we were living in, but we hadn't considered the idea of moving.
We all piled in to the car and went to see the development.
Brad was on fire with excitement over the models.  I felt electric.
We bought a house that day.  I should say we bought a plot of dirt and the plans for a house.

I had lived in at least 19 houses in my life.  I knew what I liked.
I liked 2-story houses. I liked a view of rooftops.  I liked a view of city lights.  I liked a view of mountains.  I liked big rooms.  I liked a view of weather coming from far away.  I  liked balconies.  I liked a backyard that faced east for afternoon shade.  I liked the idea of community and of kids riding bikes.  I liked nearby hiking and nearby wildlife.

This house had all of those things, most of which we didn't realize until after we moved in.

We had to sell the house we lived in.  It sold quickly, and for $30,000 over the asking price.

We bought a 4-bedroom house as husband and wife and new baby.  90 days before moving in, we got pregnant with twins.  Perfect.

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