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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Manifesting with Pictures

While I'm talking about fun animal manifestations, I'll throw in a couple more here.
One day I decided I wanted to see more variety of animals on my hike.
I went online and looked at pictures of coatimundis and foxes.
The next morning I stood within 3 feet of a fox. I had never, ever seen a fox before.

Another day I went online and looked a pictures of alpacas, just because I enjoy looking at them.
The next day I hiked into a new area far into the mountains and saw 6 alpacas in a corral in someone's backyard.  I had no idea there were any alpacas in Tucson.

One morning I said to myself, today I'd like to see a coyote and a snake and a hawk.  All three appeared.

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