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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kicked Car

Everything that occurs in your life is a result of what you think about. (see Law of Attraction). If you spend your days thinking about what you observe, or thinking about what you should be protecting yourself from, or thinking about how you can do things to control how other people treat you, or influencing what they do, or what you can do to make them like you more, or how to pay bills you don't have the money for... your life feels as if you are a marble in a pinball game.

If you don't know that you are like a very, very powerful magnet, you manifest by default, meaning life unfolds to match how you feel, whether you know it or not. No exceptions.

Here is an example of negative manifestation by default (unintentional):

I went into the school to pick up my 3 young kids. When I returned to my (new) car, I saw that someone had kicked the bumper so hard it was slightly wrinkled, paint-chipped, and displaying a shoe print so clearly I could see the pattern on the bottom of the shoe. It looked like an expression of shear anger.

I had been studying Law of Attraction long enough to know that I wouldn't have attracted anger if I were not angry myself.

I suddenly realized I was angry! I knew in an instant that not only was I angry, but I had been angry for a while.  I had been thinking that it wasn't fair that I was the one who had to sacrifice my time at 2:42pm to stop my day to pick up kids.

I had been unaware of how I felt; first, because I had grown accustomed to negative feelings, and second, because feeling angry over picking up kids is socially inappropriate!

Law of Attraction dictates that when you have a negative emotion and ignore it, it will get bigger!
First there is the emotion, then if it is ignored there is bodily sensation; tension, stomachache, headache, stubbed toe, etc.  If that is ignored, next is larger physical manifestation; illness, accident, people yelling at you, kicked bumper...

I immediately understood the (nearly) unconscious dialogue I had been having with myself about how "unfair" it was that I had to be responsible for kid pick-ups and illnesses and days off even though I was employed full time, and bringing home all the bacon, for that matter!

I knew feeling angry didn't feel good, and I knew for sure that if I ignored this little manifestation, something even bigger would be imminent.

I talked to myself with the precise intention of making myself feel better. (without changing the circumstance)!
I acknowledged that it really wasn't that much of a hardship. I also acknowledged that the kids were really pretty self-sufficient at home and weren't taxing my sense of freedom when we were at home.
I worked on thoughts along those lines for the next 10 minutes, from the moment we got into the car until we arrived at home. I ended with feeling appreciative that I got spend time with these delightful kids and that my husband got to have the freedom of focusing on his work without interruption and that he enjoys his work so much and I am lucky to have a job that allows me the flexibility to be home in the afternoon...

As a result of that experience and those 10 minutes of deliberate thought, I permanently dropped the insidious feeling of anger and resentment on that subject, which subsequently meant more joyous kid pick-ups, more appreciation for myself and my ability to raise my emotional set-point, more appreciation for my husband, even though he had no idea I was mad at him in the first place, and no more angry, victimized manifestations!

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