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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A New Level!

I know how to direct thought, feel better, then receive manifestations of that new emotional set-point.  I've been practicing and fine-tuning my thoughts consciously for two years now, and my life is just astonishing and fantastic and getting better all the time.

Three days ago I realized that even though I've consistently been feeling good, I've now reached a new, even-better-feeling set point.  And what's especially great is that it's been happening naturally, with no focused effort on my part.  Because it's now my set-point, my brain goes there easily and often.

What I noticed is I'm so easily pleased and amused and delighted.  I find so many things so funny.  The wittiest things to say at just the right moments come out of my mouth.
Watching a college football game between two teams I care nothing about is engaging and hilarious.
My kids are suddenly even cuter.  Their friends seem more charming to me. 
I have so much energy.  My gut is so calm (even when I see something I don't want!)
I have impulses to play and converse and clean stuff and tell people I love them.  And to be still.  With no agenda.  And to pet my cat for as long as he wants it.

The manifestations of this new level are glaringly apparent.
The normally grumpy lady in the checkout lane is joking and laughing with me.
Each of my kids want to lie on the couch with me and look in my eyes and talk about funny things for a while. (These are 9 and 10-year-old boys who have other things to do!)

Everything is so easy.  The great parking spots, the green lights, the helpful clerks, the great idea, the timely phone call giving me the perfect book reference, the great music everywhere...
Everyone I run into is in a good mood and wants to play and joke. 
Answers come even more easily.

At several different points during the last few days, my husband and I have been hanging out together, talking or not talking about nothing in particular for hours... while at the same time acknowledging the significance of how good it feels to actually live in the moment with each other.

The newness of this was not lost on us.  We, like most people, have been task-oriented.  In the past, we've had many long conversations, but they were full of purpose and intensity and goals of communication to achieve.  Even a conversation seemed to have an agenda and a sense of entertainment or intelligence value.  And then if the goals of the conversation have been reached, it's on to the next task.

In contrast, this new level of easy joy has been reflected in our way of interacting with each other for the last few days.  (Yes, all your relationships meet you where you are).
Overused phrases, but apt here in describing our conversations:  Being in the moment, being fully present, appreciating everything on a constant, subconscious level, having no time constraints, and having nothing to prove left us feeling even more appreciative of each other and of ourselves.

I'm not saying I didn't pop out of the vortex here and there over these last few days. 
I did, in fact have a wonderful few moments of feeling angry, which I used as my topic of focus (to do a Focus Wheel exercise) during my latest hike.
BTW, feeling angry almost always means you're feeling powerless about something.  Which always means you're thinking there is some circumstance you think you need to control...

I had had some small, residual thoughts about my 'worthiness', ie; if a manifestation is not here yet, I must be doing something wrong. 
That thought was an old long-held belief that I had been fine-tuning to the point now where it very rarely comes up. 
The subject was so easily and thrillingly resolved.  No kidding, when you feel a strong emotion, the purposeful moving of the energy back up to joy is an exhilarating thing.

The revelation for me about this new level of happiness is that it really is an effortless, natural state of being.  It's everyone's natural state of being. 
That's why it's so uncomfortable to feel worried or frustrated or sad.  It's so completely contrary to your self.
It took some practice to focus thoughts toward feeling better, but it's a joyful practice that continues to get easier and easier and better and better.

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