You Attract What You Think About!

Simple, real, everyday examples that demonstrate how your thoughts create everything in your life; year to year, day to day, moment to moment...

And the mind-bogglingly true, real-life, personal examples of how,

when you change what you think,

your life presents you with everything you have always wanted.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Thought Bank

Every day, I gather beautiful images, fun conversations, positive manifestations, funny quotes, moments that feel amazing, compliments, etc, for my Thought Bank.

I use my Thought Bank every day to either get back into the vortex when I'm out, or to goose feeling good into feeling even better.

Consequently, because I have a huge repertoire of thoughts to draw upon, it's so easy to feel good.
Also, the act of looking for items to "bank" makes me look for things to appreciate, which makes my day automatically geared toward feeling good.

I don't need happy circumstances to observe in order to feel good because I have my thoughts with me at all times, no matter what the circumstance.
Consequently, because I spend so much time either feeling good or trying to feel good, my world reflects good feeling-circumstances.

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