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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is Trust?

What do we mean about having trust, or losing trust?

1) There's the trust you have in other people to behave in a way you want them to, or in the way they say they are going to.

2) There's trust in your own well-being, or trust in the environment around you.

3) There's the trust in your ability to handle an unwanted situation.

Let's look at each one separately.
1) Trust in other people is conditional love.

If you require someone else to behave in a particular way in order for you to feel good, that is conditional love. Conditional love says: under these conditions, I can feel loving toward you (and toward myself).
If you find yourself in this struggle, the emphasis you must take is that toward feeling love for yourself and toward appreciation for the motivations of others (which have nothing to do with you).
Everyone behaves in a way in which they believe will make them feel better.  They do so based on their own unique experiences and their own unique point of view and their own unique goals as human beings. 
How they behave has nothing to do with you. 
How they behave has nothing to do with your value.
How they behave has nothing to do with your well-being.

2)Trust in your own well-being or in your environment. Let's say you have had a traumatic event that has caused a perspective of fear about your vulnerability within your environment.

Your belief that there is a source of evil or a source of illness or a source of randomness creates a sense of vulnerability.
You have the belief that it's simply enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to become victim to evil (in another person, or an illness, or a virus, or an accident...)

I spent a few years in a heightened sense of anxiety about rapists and car accidents and death and law suits and the weather and perceived 'value' to others... I found out it's all an illusion!

There is no source of evil. 'Evil' is people acting 'out of the vortex' in an attempt to feel better.
There is no source of illness. Illness is exaggerated emotion.  There are bacterias and viruses and diseases which are manifestations depicting exactly the way you have been feeling.
Again, this is another blog to expand upon.

The earth is an incredibly complex and perfectly balanced example of expanded and expanding life, as is the human body and any cell you care to examine more closely.  There is no danger that humans are threatening the earth's well-being.

There is no source of 'bad luck'. There is no source of 'accident'. Everything is either allowing or not allowing well-being.
Everything you attract is a perfect match to your state of mind. 
This is a good subject to expand upon for a later post.

3)Trust in your ability to handle a future unwanted situation (and the perceived pain around it).
There is nothing more useless than 'dread'.
Dread is an imagined situation and your imagined painful response to it.
Really? You want to feel pain now about a problem that doesn't even exist?

Aside from the silliness of that, how is your skill at feeling better?
Do you know how to focus on a thought that feels better?
If you do, that is ALL your power.
If you don't, why not start now?

As a reminder, you create your own reality.  By your thoughts.  Period.

Law of Attraction draws to you what you believe.  If you believe in danger, bad people, bad luck, illness and struggle... you will see and live more of that.
....Yet another blog post subject.

If you believe there is only well-being and dis-allowance of well-being (based only upon what you think!), you have the power to create the life you came to live.

Trust is a misunderstood concept. All you need is trust in the consistency and wellness and perfection of source energy, (you can call it God if you like) and of yourself as an embodiment of source energy right now.  Nothing needs to change.   All is well.  All you need is a change in the perspective in your role in your own life and you will see in yourself, and in the world, its constant, eternal, ever-present goodness and perfection.

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