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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Manifestations as Clues

Yesterday I spent about two and a half hours writing an extra-brilliant blog post.  I had erased a line I had just written, but the entire post erased.
Aaargh.  That was pretty dramatic.  Attention-grabbing.

At that moment I wanted to feel better, so I consciously blew it off to go watch TV with my hunny.
I knew I would address it tomorrow.
However, in the middle of the night I awoke with the question on my mind, Why did that happen?

Here's what I thought to myself: 
This is a manifestation of how I have been unwittingly feeling.  A clue!
What did it feel like?  Disappointing.
But it's a pretty big disappointment, that must mean I've been feeling disappointed about other things.

Yup.  I do remember feeling very disappointed over missing an entire night's sleep the night before.

I also remember feeling disappointed the day before that over discovering the $100 gift certificate I was going to use had expired.

And I remember feeling disappointed two days ago over not having received a check I was expecting.

What to do now?  Change the channel!   I've obviously been vibrating a low level of 'disappointment', so now I would like to adjust this frequency on this subject. (the subject being my perceived level of control over things manifesting when and how I want them to)

By the way, I'll explain here that this is called Fine Tuning.  I had not been feeling disappointed all the time for the last 3 days.  It had simply come up once, I ignored it, so it came back.  I ignored it again, so it came back, until it manifested in a way that was strong enough to get my attention.

Lying in my bed I thought, since 'disappointment' is not that far outside the vortex (see the Vibrational Scale) I can Take the Bounce, or tune myself to the opposite of 'disappointment'.
What word can I think of that seems to be the opposite of disappointed?  Delighted. Thrilled.

I said the words in my mind a few times.  I easily thought about how those words feel.
Then images came into my mind of past experiences that felt delightful and thrilling.
Lying in my bed, I could feel thrilled by focusing on those past experiences.
I continued to focus in that way for maybe 10 minutes.  One, because it felt great, and two because I wanted to make certain I had changed the channel.
I then naturally started feel so appreciative of the experience of having my blog post erased!
It's fun to go from disappointed to thrilled!  It's like riding a wave on a surfboard.

By the way, the check I had wanted to arrive at a certain time in a certain way showed up in cash.
The $100 coupons were honored in spite of having been expired for 5 months.
I slept a magnificent 11 hours straight last night.

Also, a valuable overriding lesson to me is to let Law of Attraction do its thing without trying to have so much control over how or when I want things to happen. 
Life is so good.

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