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when you change what you think,

your life presents you with everything you have always wanted.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What You Really Want

You want things.  A new car, a house, a relationship, a bunch of money, a job, a vacation, a change, a child, a business deal, physical health, your preferred body weight, a PhD....

In every case, you want that thing because... you think you will feel better when you have it.

You want to feel good.  You want to feel that way because that's what it feels like to be yourself.  It's natural.

What you really want: is to feel secure, comfortable, loving, worthy, happy, fun-loving, spontaneous, uplifting, confident, relaxed, unlimited, generous, gregarious, energetic, eager, creative, connected, inspired, empowered, adventurous...comfortable in your own skin.

But how you feel is based always and only upon what you think.

Think about what that means.
If you don't feel good, eager, interested, most of the time now, it's because you are looking at reasons why you don't feel that way.  Then you're looking for circumstances to change in order to feel better.  But you can't change circumstances without changing how you feel first.

Oh, you can move things around to change things, but the negative feelings you had before will still be there.  And the new circumstance will reflect that.

However, if you train yourself to stop worrying, to stop focusing on what you don't like, you'll naturally feel good without changing any circumstance.  And then the circumstance will change.

All of those things you want are the juice of life!  Wanting unlimitedness.and different and more and better is what humans do best.

By the way, you can live in a castle in Italy and feel miserable.  You can have a prince and feel miserable.  You can have a fortune in your bank account and feel miserable.  You can have a perfect body and feel miserable. You can have your fantasy company materialize and create your every whim and feel miserable.

Believe me, I know!  I've experienced all of that!  It's not the circumstance that makes you feel good, it's what you think about.

What you really want is to feel good.
You have that power in every minute of every day, no matter what the circumstance.  I'm not exaggerating or even suggesting you need to give up on having anything you want.

What you really want is to realize the world is a focusing smorgasborg.  You have the power.  You can choose to focus on something that feels bad or you can choose to focus on something that feels better.
Everything in your life is reflecting what you think. Always. Consequently, when you feel good, good things happen.

When you know all the power is in your thoughts, you have a sense of power and joy and unlimitedness, which leads to tangible, manifested experiences of power and joy and unlimitedness.

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