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Monday, November 7, 2011

How Does it Work?

Law of Attraction is working and effecting everything all the time whether you know it or not, whether you understand it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you use it on purpose or not.
And it's a very amazing and wonderful thing.

Everything is energy, including thoughts.

If you think of energy vibrating on different frequencies (as you know sound waves do, light waves do, radio waves do, etc) you can get an idea of how energies are attracted to their own frequency.

If you think of your brain as a receiver/transmitter and that your thoughts are on different specific frequencies, like on a radio dial, you can begin to understand why, if you're thinking thoughts of worry, you're attracting more thoughts of worry.  Conversely, if you're thinking thoughts of appreciation, more thoughts of appreciation (and happiness and joy, which are the same frequency) pour into your mind.  (see the Vibrational Scale)

Thoughts create things.  All things are vibrational before they're physical.  Everything that you see and hear and taste and touch now, existed in vibrational form before they 'manifested.'

What manifests in your life is always a vibrational match to the majority of your thoughts on that subject.  Your thoughts may get more or less optimistic on a subject, but it's the chronic nature of your thoughts that attract its match.

You have set-points of thought/frequency, which are specific to particular subjects, such as relationships, health, money, work, home.  For instance, you can feel chronically worried or frustrated about money, but mostly enthusiastic about your relationships.  You love your home, but work is overwhelming.

When the majority of your thoughts about money are worry, you attract more circumstances that make you feel worried.
When you feel enthusiastic about your relationships, they just get better and better.  When you feel mostly overwhelmed about work, it gets even more chaotic and lacking in time and resources.

The big paradigm shift that lets you create your life the way you want it, rather than you reacting to things you don't want..... is this: 
You have control over your set-points.  All you have to do is change the channel.

How do you do that?
Think a thought (on that subject that has you upset) which makes you feel a little better.  Any thought that feels better is on a higher vibrational 'channel.'  Just starting the ball rolling toward feeling better will carry you to feeling better still.
Then do it again after seeing something else you don't want.

You feel a little better about it. You feel a sense of relief. Now what?
Either keep going with the good-feeling trend by doing a Focus Wheel exercise (Tools) to raise your feelings on the subject higher still,
Stop thinking about it for now.  Remember, you've shifted the vibration upward on the subject by making yourself feel better, so you are already no longer a match to the problem.

How do I stop thinking about it?  I keep seeing reminders of it.
Remind yourself that everything is energy.  The problem you're observing is actually a manifestation of how you used to feel about it. What's coming now is a match to the opposite of what you were feeling. (an energy wave, like a sound wave, has two equal and opposite sides)

How long does it take to see the manifestation of the opposite of the problem?
Only as long as it takes you to allow yourself to feel that good. A vibrational match.
For instance, if you have a situation that makes you feel worried or afraid about money, the opposite of that feeling is secure, confident, eager, abundant. 
If you can think of the subject of money and automatically feel eager, enthusiastic, stable, you are a match to the manifestation of financial security and abundance.

The manifestation happens when the tipping point is reached; when the majority of your feelings on the subject are a match to the opposite of the feelings you had about the problem.

How can I go from feeling worried and afraid to feeling secure and abundant without first seeing any physical evidence of change?
Thought comes first, change comes second.
You change your feelings just like a radio dial, in increments.
Increments of thought.  You can't jump from one extreme to another in one thought.  It takes the simple, determined intention to feel a little better, then a little better, better, all the way up the dial.

You want the improved circumstance in order to feel better.  Make yourself feel better for the sake of feeling better.
And you will see steady improvement in circumstacnes as you feel better.

But first, in order to make the trip up the dial, you have to make peace with where you are
There's no shame in being in a situation that feels worrisome or in feeling sad or depressed or overwhelmed. 
It's all just energy, and it is what it is in this moment.
In fact, you will get to the point where you will become so appreciative of the intensity of the problem, because the bigger the problem, the bigger the solution. (opposite ends of the energy wave, remember?)

That's the nutshell version of how Law of Attraction works.
Did it answer questions?  Did it make more questions?

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