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Friday, November 18, 2011

Joy At the Grocery Store

I went to the grocery store today feeling okay.
Not super-duper. Just okay.
I prefer super-duper.

I noticed a man being playful with his son. I watched them and appreciated them for a while.

I noticed products that I could buy that would be delicious for my lunch. I imagined myself enjoying that lunch.

I noticed things I could buy that my kids would enjoy.
That sent me into happy thoughts and images and remembered exchanges with my kids. I laughed out loud.
Definitely moving up from "okay".

I suddenly noticed the song playing on the audio system was one I really liked.
I started singing it to myself. Joy is very close.

Then a man said, "Nice dimples."
I hadn't realized I was smiling.
OOOOH, that feels good to connect on a happy level with someone else!
Better still.

I went to the checkout lane and found one empty. I pulled in, then danced back to the end of the lane to see if I wanted to add a magazine to the pile when I slipped on a grape.

I said loudly enough from the end of the conveyor belt for the cashier to hear, "There's a grape on the floor that I slipped on. I almost died."
The response was beautifully electric. The entire mass of people within earshot giggled, smiled, exchanged happy looks with one another.

I'm in the vortex and I just lured you all in too!
Joy, joy, joy!

The cashier called to the clean-up crew: "There's a grape on the floor and this lady slipped on it. She almost died."

Everyone laughed and watched as he cleaned it up so they could prolong the connection and the joke.

I left the grocery store in a state of joy and appreciation and love that stayed with me for the rest of the evening. My boys could feel it and they joined in my playfulness. The only way they knew how to express the contagious feeling was to hug me and tell me how much they love me.


  1. And I laughed out loud reading this. The spreading of joy continues :)

  2. Hi Marla! I Found Your Site! & Read The Post On This Page! Great Reading! I Need Some Positive Input, In My Life, Right-Now! SO! Here We Are!!!