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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Admit How You Feel

I had a little tantrum this morning.  It was so awesome!

My family had left for work and school and I awoke to several messes that they had left.
As I was cleaning up, I tried to get into my usual mode of bliss, but I kept noticing that I was mumbling little complaints about these messes.

After 20 minutes and several attempts to make myself feel better, I began to feel like I had no control over the bubbling cauldron of thoughts that kept coming up.  Then I had and epiphany!
I said to myself, "Well let's just get mad, shall we?"  (apparently I speak to myself in the royal 'we')

I then let loose with all the things I wanted to say about how inconsiderate and lazy and and thoughtless these people are being.  I went on a tirade, as if they were there, saying "What is this, a frat house?  Am I your maid?"  Yeah, real zingers, I know, but it felt so good to unleash on them!

After a little while, I started getting thoughts like, "I'm glad I have a family to pick up after.  They really aren't so bad.  They really are very thoughtful and sweet and I love then so much."
I eventually got to, "I really like the physical movement of cleaning up.  I love the sense of satisfaction I get in seeing my beautiful house looking shiny and clean and beautiful again."

I felt so much better!  And I no longer felt the desire to yell at or try to control anybody.

I also realized those feelings had been building for a little while and wasn't acknowledging them.  Even yesterday, while I was driving I kept noticing inconsiderate drivers.  I never, ever see inconsiderate drivers, but I had been gathering 'inconsiderate' thoughts so that was what I noticed.

What a wonderful feeling it was to give myself permission to really feel an emotion and then let it go naturally.  It took no effort to make myself feel better after I vented those feelings.  And I did it without anyone there!  I didn't need to make anyone understand or make anyone do anything to make me feel better.  That's my job, not theirs.

What I know about Law of Attraction is that the more I focus on the considerate, kind, thoughtful nature of my family, the more they magically be that way.

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