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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

There's No Such Thing As Worthiness

What does it mean to feel worthy?  To feel deserving, as determined by others or by God.  To feel good about yourself.  To feel confident in who you are.  To feel good enough. To feel accomplished.

There is no such thing as worthiness because there is no such thing as unworthiness.
The very process of trying to achieve 'worthiness' is backward.
You were born 'worthy', and it cannot be lost, so the act of trying to achieve it leaves you looking forever.

We try to become worthy of love from others by what we do and what we say and how we look.
We try to become worthy of a pile of money by working hard or being nice to someone who has some, or by suffering so much someone will rescue us.
We try to be worthy of a particular job by working hard or earning a degree and being compared favorably over everyone else applying for the job.

What you want is not the attention from others or the job or the money.  What you want is the way you will feel when you have those things.  You think you will feel 'worthy'.  And you probably will for a minute.
What you really want is to feel free and happy and confident and loving and fun and joyous and excited and playful. 
When are in in that state, you love who you are.  You like your own company.  You see why others want to be with you.  The answers to all your questions appear in the minute you ask them.  You feel powerful.  You are powerful.  You feel love and appreciation for life and for yourself.

How do you achieve a state of love and appreciation for yourself?
Look around for things to love.
Become one who loves.
Appreciate anything and everything you can find.  And when you do, you find it everywhere.
Do it all day long. Practice!

In continuing to observe things to appreciate, you become that person who is 'worthy'.
In continuing to observe things to appreciate, you make a habit of being joyful. 
In your continued appreciation, you go from moments of love to a consistent state of love.
In a state of love, you are that person you want to be.
In a state of appreciation you are powerful.
In a state of love and appreciation you are living in joy. 

You will never again look for ways to qualify for the life you want.  You will never question your love for yourself again.

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