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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unexpected, Perfect Manifestation

I've encountered a manifestation that blows my mind.
I've been wanting to teach the Law of Attraction, as I have been, but in a bigger way.
I've given seminars and classes and consulted one-on-one with a number of people.  All of those experiences were extremely satisfying, on a small scale.
I've also been on a continuous quest to know more through my experiences.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a high school classmate (who really didn't know me) who had been reading my Facebook posts.  He just wanted to say how much he liked reading my status updates.  He also said he had read one of my blog posts which intrigued him enough to want to know more.

This classmate has a PhD in counseling and is a pastoral counselor for a hospital and works as a clinical psychologist seeing patients for couples therapy and grief counseling and job counseling and so on.  He acts as mentor for other counselors.

After some written exchanges and a phone call, he asked me to mentor him in his counseling practice and in his personal life.  This is as a result of my writings about, and our conversation about, the Law of Attraction.

The extent of the magnitude of this perfect manifestation for both of us is still becoming clear.

We have had many, many hours of communication by computer messaging and by phone conversations.
He has asked hundreds of questions which have stretched my ability to articulate the answers.  Yet they have come easily.
The joy that I get from these exchanges is so great, I literally feel shaky from the energy of the conversations.
Even though I'm giving the answers, I know more than I did before.
But what is extraordinary is the joy I get from his upliftment.  He is happier in his life.  His wife says that he is more energetic and happier.  He says that he is now a better counselor and a better mentor.

But the piece de resistance is that he is using his new counseling methods and getting instant results.
He is using these methods in his mentoring practice and getting renewed energy and optimism from the other counselors.
He asked me to write a counseling manual entitled 'A New Model for Counseling' which we just spent the last 11 hours writing together.

As a detail of amazement for me:  This man is Catholic, spent 3 years in seminary in preparation to become a priest (but decided to get married instead), and practices in the church.  I am and have always considered myself atheist (without religion).  The fact that our communications are so profound and so in agreement in a spiritual way has demolished my limited view of religion (and his limited view of non-religion).

I wanted an expanding, profound connection with someone (in addition to my husband!) who understood what I was saying.  I wanted a larger audience.  I wanted to learn more.  I wanted to be able to articulate the details in an easily understandable way.  I wanted to write a book.  All of these things have happened in a way I never expected in a million years.

I am so full of joy I can hardly stand it.

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  1. hope to meet this person someday!