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Friday, December 9, 2011

Why Feel Better?

Why Feel Better?

To answer that, first ask: Why do people worry?

If you believe you must control circumstances in order to assure your well-being….
You must then believe your well-being is negotiable.  Unstable. Transitory. Conditional.

You must also believe there are random, unpredictable things to guard against,
Or you believe in scarcity and the concept of competing for limited resources,
Or you believe bad things may happen if you aren’t prepared.
Or you believe something bad will get worse,
Or you believe in the need for your constant effort to qualify,
Or you believe other people have control over your circumstances…

None of those things are real.  All of those thoughts are just thoughts which contradict your true nature and your true self.

You live in a state of constant diligence.  It’s as if you feel you can’t take your eyes off the road or you will crash.  Worrying is normal for you.  Worrying feels necessary.
Why would you make the effort to feel better if feeling better means taking your eyes off the road?

What if you were to believe that your well-being is assured?
What if you were to believe that your every request has been answered, but you have been unable to see them because your eyes have been on the road?

Worrying is the opposite of faith.

What would not worrying feel like?
Try it for a moment.
Try it again.
It feels very good, doesn’t it?
That’s who you really are.

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