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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Using the Taking The Bounce Tool

One day I awoke to feelings of unworthiness.  (Which meant I went to sleep with feelings of unworthiness) 

The most insidious things that produce feelings of unworthiness are the simple, little, repetitive criticisms of myself.  Something I think I didn't do right, or something I regret, or something I wish I had done...
We're all taught to believe our worth is dependant upon what we do, whom we please, what we earn, what we accomplish, how we look, what we contribute....  the list is endless.

None of that has anything to do with our value.  We are born worthy.  It is not earned, it is not negotiable, it is not comparable to others, it is not judgable, it is not a commodity.

I went for a hike with my dog while feeling the need to hike for the dog's sake; to do my duty as a dog-owner.  I did not feel good.
The dog chased a passing car (which he never does) and I got instantly angry and embarrassed.

I realized that that action (the dog chasing the car, and my strong emotional response) was an indicator of my state of mind and the dog was doing me a favor by demonstrating it.

BTW, dogs (and children) are perfect mirrors of what we are feeling.  Watch any episode of 'The Dog Whisperer' and see it in action.

I realized I could use the Taking The Bounce tool.

How did I feel?  Mostly embarrassed. (closely tied to unworthy)
What is the opposite feeling word?  Proud.

I thought and repeated the word proud for a while.  My mind then produced, without effort, memories of times I felt proud and reasons to feel proud.
I felt soooo much better.
Then the people in the cars started waving.
Every car and every pedestrian I passed for the next 40 minutes waved, or said hello, or started a happy conversation with me.  It made me feel proud.

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