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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Practical Application, Day to Day

You are either 'in the vortex' or 'out of the vortex' in any moment.
Most people spend their days responding to what they are seeing.  Some things you observe feel good, some feel bad.  A typical day is spent in and out, in and out of the 'vortex' (the state of being that feels good). 

For most people, the majority of time is spent out, meaning not feeling good, but you don't even realize you don't feel good because you have grown accustomed to it.
For example:
You notice the kids haven't picked up their clothes. (irritation)
You talk to your mate about a project that's not going well. (disappointment)
You talk to a colleague about a work policy neither of you likes but can't change. (pessimism)
You comiserate with a friend about her boyfriend's bad behavior. (doubt, disappointment)
You sit through a meeting you can't pay attention to. (impatience, boredom)
You noticing something you forgot to do (self-criticism).......

Stronger negative circumstances that seem to be out of your control:
Waiting in traffic (irritated, worried, or angry)
Thwarted by a colleague's ineptitude (blame)
Regretting one's own mistake (embarrassment, guilt)
Bills in the mail (worry, fear)
Watching the news (discouragement, worry, fear)
Talking about someone's cancer diagnosis. (worry, fear, powerlessness)

You now know (if you've gained some understanding of Law of Attraction)  that you have control over how you feel, with a small temporary exception.  When you encounter something unwanted, called 'contrast' you will be knocked out of the vortex momentarily and feel negative emotion.  That negative emotion is necessary for the launching of the solution to that problem.

However, a moment is all you need.  As soon as you recognize you've been knocked out of the vortex you can do these things: 
1) Acknowledge that however large or small the negative circumstance, it is merely an indicator of your chronic thought.  Change the thought pattern, and in time the circumstance will change.

2) Recognize that the solution to the problem is created in the moment the problem appears, and when you let go of the problem the solution will present itself.

3) Acknowledge your only job now is to get back in the vortex (make yourself feel better) by whatever easiest means you can think of.  (See previous posts entitled How...1,2 and 3, or Practical Application, or Tools, or read Ask and It Is Given or The Astonishing Power of Emotions or The Power of Intention on the reading list)

When I was starting out in the practice of intentionally adjusting how I felt, I made myself a long list of options to use to make myself feel better:

At first, my most frequent go-to tactic was reading books or listening to tapes about Law of Attraction.  It always made me feel good, no matter what.

Doing one of the exercises in the Abraham-Hicks books, like Moving up the Vibrational Scale, or the Focus Wheel also made me feel good.

Looking for things to appreciate, going for hikes, listening to music, petting the cat, meditating, a hot bubble bath, making lists of positive aspects ...

Another favorite, especially when driving or when going to sleep is the ABC exercise.  Relax, breathe in, then think of a good-feeling word that starts with A. Appreciate. Then think of a good-feeling word that starts with B. Bliss, etc.  By the time you get to N you will be on a great-feeling high.
By the way, this exercise is even more fun to do if you first bring to mind a situation in your past that felt wonderful.  A sailing trip, your wedding, a prize you won, an especially fun day....  Then while you are picturing those scenes from the past, it's so easy to evoke those good feelings.

Approach your days like this:
Intend to feel good.
Notice when you don't, and adjust.  No judgement, just information.

Here's the thing:  Your goal is to spend 90% of your time in the vortex and 10% out. 
Your life will feel amazing.  Your wants and desires will fall in your lap.  And during that 10% spent out (observing things you would like to be better) you are expanding, and that's good.

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