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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Practical Application

When you have a problem that is taking your attention and making you feel strong negative emotion, like fear or worry, your impulse is to take action to solve the problem.  You try to think it into submission.  You try to come up with solutions.  You try to come up with actions to take to prevent it from happening, or to make it go away.

All of those things you do are the result of many years of conditioning, and are a reflection of a belief in the need to control people or circumstances, and often also include a belief in scarcity.

A belief is only a thought you keep thinking.

Also, when you focus on a subject, Law of Attraction naturally delivers to you more thoughts that match, so it feels as if your thoughts have run away with you.  It's true, they have.
However, when you focus on a subject of well-being or hope, Law of Attraction delivers more thoughts that feel the same, so you are then on a good-feeling rampage instead of a bad-feeling rampage.

If you decide to focus your thoughts on purpose, you can feel wonderful without changing the circumstance.  And then the circumstance must change.

Let's say you have a sudden financial crisis.  Money has always been a struggle, and now that a cascade of new expenses has arisen it feels even worse than ever and you can only see pain and struggle coming.

First, notice how it feels.  If you are a wordophile like me, (yes I just made that up, but I like it) look at the Vibrational Scale to see if you can identify the word that comes closest to how you feel.
Otherwise, just notice how bad it feels to focus on money.

Second, back up a little bit, tell yourself something in general terms that makes you feel a little bit better.  It will feel like a small sensation of relief.
For instance:  "We're fine right now.  We've always been fine.  We do have a wonderful home.  We have plenty of food.  It will all work itself out.  I don't have to know the answer right now." 
If a statement gives you a small sense of relief, it has worked.  You have shifted your point of attraction.  If it feels good, keep reaching for better-feeling statements. 
If you haven't felt any shift yet, keep reaching for a thought that feels a little better on the subject of money.

Once you have shifted your emotion on the subject, leave it alone.  Go to other subjects that feel good.

Once you know you can make yourself feel better about a subject, and once you have made yourself feel really good by focusing on other, good-feeling subjects, you can address the money issue again and raise your positive expectation about it further and further until it becomes a non-issue for the rest of your life.

When you feel good, you are 'in the vortex,' meaning you are feeling the positive emotions at the top section of the Vibrational Scale.  When you are in the vortex, you are attracting all the circumstances and events that match those emotions.  You are either in or out of the vortex in any moment.
You don't have to become hypervigilant over every moment!  Just notice when you are in a bad mood, or are feeling negative emotion of any kind, and decide that you want to feel better.

It only takes 17 seconds for a thought to attract another thought like it.  Stay there for 68 seconds and you are attracting positive manifestations.  How many minutes are there in a day?  During how many of them are you in the vortex? 

As soon as you experience the thrill of feeling better, you will begin to see negative circumstance disappear.  Very quickly!

1) Decide being 'in the vortex' is the most important thing
2) Notice when you don't feel good.  Make a statement or two or twelve that makes you feel better on the subject you were just thinking about.
3) Distract yourself by focusing on anything else that feels good.
4) Repeat.

Next post will be about daily tricks and adjustments to get back in the vortex easily and repeatedly.

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