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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Three People, One Manifestation?

Let's imagine there are two friends in a car.  They have a car accident.
Did they have the same experience?  Not at all.
Was it a match to the thoughts of both of them?  Absolutely.

Everyone is different, and this example is specific to these people, but in this scenario this is the breakdown:
For the driver, the car accident produced thoughts of lack of control, anger, fear.
For the passenger, the accident produced thoughts of distrust, injustice, lack of control, frustration.

Lack of control, or powerlessness, is a common theme among most people, because you've grown up believing you have to control circumstances in order feel good. 
Lack of control is a powerless thought that is at the bottom of the Vibrational (emotional) Scale.  Powerless thoughts become frequent in your mind when you think you need to control people or circumstances and you can't.  Because no one can.

The driver feels angry that the other car didn't obey the traffic signs.  But he had been feeling angry about other things for a while.
The driver also feels afraid of the financial burden that will follow, and of his reputation as a driver, and of the opinion of his boss for being late, and of his mate for wrecking the car. 
But he had been feeling afraid of financial hardship for a while.  And he had been feeling afraid of opinions of others for a while.

Meanwhile, the passenger feels loss of trust in the driver.   And loss of trust in other drivers.  But he had been feeling distrustful of people and vulnerable for a while.  He had no control over this situation, as he feels he has had no control over other situations. 
He feels burdened by the injustice of his involvement.  But he has been noticing unfairness for a while.
He feels frustration over the delay in getting to work, and the need to wait for help and the need to re-schedule things.  But he has been feeling frustrated over many things for a while.

The driver of the other car feels embarrassed and guilty and overwhelmed and afraid.  All of which match feelings he has had frequently and consistently.

All situations and circumstances are a perfect match to each and every one of the people involved.

Yup, that leads to a lot of questions about tsunamis and earthquakes and murderers and rapists, and I'll answer them all if  you ask.

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