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Thursday, September 1, 2011

All Mainfestations Are Indicators

Everything that occurs in your life; the interactions you have, the circumstances that arise, the bodily conditions, are all indicators of how you have been feeling.

If you have a negative manifestation; a pain, an injury, an accident, an irritation, an illness, a misbehaving dog, an ant infestation, an angry confrontation, a lost job, etc, be aware that you have had chronic negative thoughts that match the resulting manifestation.

If you've been unaware of what you've been thinking, you can deduce the chain of events by asking yourself: "How does this manifestation feel?"
For example:
If it feels irritating, you've been having irritated thoughts.
If it feels unjust, you've been thinking that things are unfair.
If it feels limiting, you've been thinking you are being held back in some way.
If it feels scary, you've been thinking insecure or powerless thoughts.
If it feels overwhelming, you've been thinking you do not have enough (time or money or energy, or resources)

All positive manifestations; kind people, green traffic lights, money coming in, happy synchronicities, easy transactions, disappearance of physical pain, the perfect mate appearing, funny happenstances, the perfect job coming to you, dreams being fulfilled effortlessly, etc, are all indicators of your habits of appreciation, love, eagerness, satisfaction or belief in your well-being.

Most people, when they don't know they have control over their thoughts, experience a vast mixture of good and bad manifestations.  It seems so random and uncontrollable.  But when you think thoughts based only on what you observe, not what you choose to focus on, the results are good, bad, bad, bad, good, bad...

When you notice a positive manifestation, savor it.  Think about it, remember it, relish it.  Doing that will solidify the vibration of living "in the vortex."

When you notice a negative manifestation, notice what it feels like, notice the association with what you have been thinking lately, and decide to change your mind about it.
Make yourself feel better about it. (Do a Focus Wheel or do the Moving Up The Vibrational  Scale exercise, or the advanced version, Taking The Bounce, all described in the Tools section)

Negative manifestations are indicators and nothing more.  You can have every deadly disease known to mankind and turn it around by deciding you can feel better by simply changing what you think.  Those are called "miracles."

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