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Monday, September 26, 2011


For the sake of telling this story I'll explain what I mean by being 'In the Vortex'
When you feel appreciative, loving, eager, passionate, knowing, secure, happy.... you are in the Vortex, meaning you are on the frequency of who you really are and everything is right with the world.
Two nights ago, I stayed up very late.  2:00, 3:00, 4:00am.  I was having a lot of fun writing and being quiet.  When that happens I feel fantastic and new ideas flood my brain. I'm 'in the Vortex.'
Especially after everyone else is asleep, I can reach a state of pure happiness that I call "Blissing out."  It is simply sitting in a quiet room being flooded by thoughts of appreciation and fun and love and amazement.
Sometimes, like that night,  a series of thoughts occur to me that kick me out of the vortex: "I'm not going to get enough sleep.  I'm not going to feel good tomorrow.  Staying up all night is not okay...."

That night I decided that those negative thoughts were not worth maintaining.
I knew from previous experience that if I had negative thoughts about staying up all night but stayed up anyway, I didn't feel good the next day.
However, I had also had many experiences of happily staying up late, getting up early, and feeling amazing the next day.
I thought, "What is the emotion I feel when I think those negative thoughts?"

I thought, these thoughts feel limiting, because I believe there are only so many hours to sleep, and if I don't sleep I will feel bad, and daylight hours tomorrow will be wasted by inactivity and sleepiness..., and if I don't feel good I will be out of the vortex, and time in the vortex is valuable, and if I don't feel good I will diminish my physical acuity, etc, etc. 

Hmmm.  If I feel such a strong sense of limitation now, that must mean I've been thinking this thought before...
Are there other thoughts I've been having that feel like limitation?
I could hardly keep up with the list that spewed out of my mind.  I feel limited about clothes and about travel and about friends, about choices and about blah blah blah...
Holy moley!  I had no idea I was thinking these tiny negative thoughts many times a day.  Thank goodness!  Now I know.

Thoughts of limitation prevent abundance.  No matter how tiny and seemingly insignificant, or how seemingly unrelated the subjects; thoughts of limitation affect your belief in the flow of money and of opportunities and of relationships and of time and of self worth....

Okay, now what?  I recognize that I'm having strong negative thoughts about limitation and that it's been a recurring theme in my mind.

It's funny, because the moment I realized what I had been thinking and I recognized it as an insidious habit, I felt relief.  I knew the mere acknowledgement of the trend was an easy map to reversing it.
That alone is a big, permanent shift in vibration.

I did a Take The Bounce exercise.  What is the opposite of limitation?  Freedom.
What does freedom feel like?  I thought about the word, then went through a long, long list of reasons I feel free, some of which were these:
I'm free to think whatever I want.  I'm free to feel good whenever I want.  I'm free to schedule my day.  I'm free from worry.  I'm free to love, even those who seem unlovable.  I'm free to go hiking every day.  I'm free to be myself all the time.

All sense of limitation was evaporated.  That feels incredible.

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