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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thought as Vibration

I've ridden and owned horses almost all my life.  The following experiences are nothing like anything I had ever had.  I'm not making any of this up!

One day last year I was hiking in a wash (dry river bed) feeling such a sense of well-being; it felt like love and appreciation for everything; my life, the weather, the wash, the plants...  I was also aware and appreciative of the fact that feeling so high was a skill I had learned.

I noticed a beautiful fenced property on a hill, and then noticed a horse on the far end of the pasture, (about 300 yards away) who was gazing into the distance.  I thought, "What a beautiful horse you are.  It looks like you're loving this weather too."
Just then, he swung around to face me as if I had poked him in the butt.  He then trotted over to the boundary of the fence closest to me and stared at me.
I thought, "I don't know why he's so interested in a human.  He sees humans all the time.  He's acting as if I'm a goat or something."
I continued to talk to him in my mind while he stood stock still, looking at me.  Eventually I said "see ya later," intending to move on, and the horse nodded his head. 

I walked farther on and saw a barn in the distance, with a horse's rear visible from one of the stalls.  I stopped and thought, "Hello, beautiful."  As soon as I thought it, the horse spun around, again, as if poked in the butt..  Wow!
...and he came to the boundary of his enclosure to stare at me while I talked to him in my mind.
During this 'conversation,' another horse came trotting around, in obvious curiosity, from the other side of the barn and got as close to the boundary of his enclosure to stand and stare at me.
I was blown away by this.  There was no reason for the 2nd horse to come, other than his awareness of our silent conversation.

After a while of rapt attention from them, I said "see ya" in my mind, intending to leave, and they both nodded.  By this point I thought I must be delirious.

I saw another horse in a pasture on a hill, and because I was down in the wash I could only see the top of his back. I stopped and said hello, without any sound, and he jerked his head up.  I realized he had had his head in a feed bucket.  He abandoned his dinner to come trotting to the fence boundary to see me.  Really?  What is going on?

Another pasture farther along (apparently a very popular ranch area!) up on the hill was another horse.  I could only see the top of his head and ears.  I assumed the pasture dipped down where he was standing.  I stopped to admire him too.  He immediately got up (he had been lying down) to come to the fence line to see me.  WTF?

By then I was beside myself with the extraordinariness of all this!

Just then I put my headphones in to listen to a new Abraham-Hicks tape, who's topics are about every subject you can think of....The conversation was about how animals can 'hear' your thoughts when you are on the same frequency they are. The discussion was about horses.

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