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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Riding Lesson of Life

My amazing friend Joni asked me if I would work with her horse while she is on vacation next month.  She said she had developed a new method of teaching riding that is based on Law of Attraction.
Are you kidding me?  I'm in!

We agreed to trade riding lessons for my care of her horse.
I had a riding lesson from her today that was such a perfect metaphor for Law of Attraction. 
I'll paraphrase what Joni said about the way the lesson would go:
"Decide what you want and know it will happen."
"Have no attachment to how or when it will happen."
"Learn from what happens.  No judgement."

In the lesson, there are very specific physical requirements of the rider that make the horse comfortable and make the lines of communication clear.  Once those lines are open, the experience is almost all thought and communication between the horse and rider.

The post I wrote yesterday was about how your negative thoughts get more and more subtle, so it becomes more important to fine-tune yourself to be more sensitive to their existence and to let them go.

"Learn from what happens.  No judgement."
I was trained to give certain signals to horses to tell them where to go and what to do.
This lesson involved no signals whatsoever.  Simply intention and balance.
When I was on the horse and I unwittingly had a tiny thought of doubt or self-criticism, the lines of communication would get fuzzy and the horse would get slightly uncomfortable and start to move in a disconnected way.  She veered off course.  Meanwhile, she sent me extremely subtle signals that said, "you're out of balance."  I corrected my balance, in my mind and in my body, then launched into appreciative thoughts for the horse (back into the vortex!), and she'd respond by radiating ease and pleasure and comfort, and connection with me, and then moved precisely where I had intended in my mind.  What a freaking thrill that was!

"Have no attachment to how or when it will happen." When something isn't working, stop, and realize you are trying to make it happen.  Get back in the vortex, because you are inevitably out,  and feel good again by dropping whatever negative thought you just had, and watch what happens.

All of those statements are true about every aspect of your life.  Decide what you want and know it will happen.  Have no attachment to how or when it will happen.  Learn from (and appreciate!) what happens; no judgement.

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