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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Create Your Own Reality

You, as a physical expression of non-physical energy, are a perceiving machine. You are a sensory interpreter of vibration. And everything is vibration.
You observe, then interpret, meaning you have a thought about it and a feeling response to the thought. The feeling response feels either good or less than good. If it feels not good, you have automatically and subconsciously 'asked' for improvement. In that same moment, the very improvement you want has been vibrationally created.

Whether it's an improved relationship, more money, a circumstance, it now exists vibrationally. Everything that currently exists was vibrational first.
The thing you just created by your 'asking' is you creating your own reality.

The question is, will you allow your new creation to become a physical, seeable, touchable, spendable addition to your reality?

Here's the thing that prevents you from receiving that creation:
You think the unwanted circumstance determines how you feel.

Whenever you observe something you do not want (or the absence of something you do want) you are always knocked out of the vortex. (see the Vibrational Scale)  That is the natural function of your physical sensory interpreting machine that is you in physical form.

Your job then is to make yourself feel better.
As you go through your day, you observe, get knocked out of the vortex, make yourself feel better; observe, get knocked out, make yourself feel better; observe, get knocked out, make yourself feel better.

As you exercise that focusing muscle, it gets easier and easier and easier to do. It is deceptively easy. All you really have to do is stop focusing on what you don't want, or on the absence of what you do want.

Most people believe that the circumstance is responsible for making them feel bad, therefore the circumstance must change.
It is NOT the circumstance that is making you continue to feel bad, it is the fact that you feel bad that is making you feel bad.

Hear this: In continuing to feel bad about something, you are literally splitting the vibration within you.  What you have created is vibrationally a match to who you now have expanded to become, and your attention to the unwanted circumstance is a very different frequency than the one you just created. There is a physical sensation within your body that feels in a range from uncomfortable all the way to painful: That sensation is negative emotion.

When you redirect your attention to a thought that makes you feel a little better; you have focused on a thought that is on a higher vibration, and therefore moving toward the higher vibration of your new creation.
You feel a sense of relief. You've lessened the vibrational rift within you and you have opened the gate to allow that new creation to show up in your life.
That is creating your own reality.

ANY intentional movement toward your new creation is where all your creative power lies.

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