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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Permission to Act When You are Ready

Any action taken while out of the vortex is counterproductive.
However, any decision you make can be the right decision if you make yourself feel good about the decision (getting in the vortex on that subject).

Here's an example:

When I was offered the chance to get to know my friend's horse in order to take care of the horse while my friend is on vacation, I was in the vortex and I accepted the offer with enthusiasm.

I'm an accomplished rider and have had the opportunity to ride hundreds of horses.  Riding had become thought-less, instinctive, easy, exhilarating.

This horse offered unique challenges that required focus on physical alignment I was not familiar with.  And many wonderful, expanding lessons!

One day I went to my lesson while feeling physically limited (another post about that!).  I had had about 2 hours of sleep the night before and felt slightly unwell.  Meaning out of the vortex.
I spent the lesson focusing on my lumbar spine and the horse's lumbar spine and my latissimus dorsi and vertical planes and level shoulders and inflated ribcage and placement of her right hind in relation to my right shoulder....  I got lost in feelings of confusion and pessimism then doubt then anger then inadequacy.  All. The. Way. Down. The. Vibrational. Scale.

Joni, in her natural way of being, lured me back up.  But I had a slippery hold on confidence.

During the intervening week, I had a feeling of dread about the next lesson.  I didn't want to feel that bad again.  And I didn't want to piss the horse off.

The night before my next lesson, I got a headache (which never happens!) and I awoke in the middle of the night feeling fitful and uncomfortable.  I knew it was because I was feeling obligation to go to the lesson, and fear of things I felt I couldn't control.

I told myself that I would postpone the lesson if I could not get myself back into the vortex by morning.  I knew that going forward with action while out of the vortex is counterproductive.
That decision got me off the hook in terms of time.  I knew I could make myself feel better, but I had been feeling the pressure of time to get it done.

Small relief.

While lying awake in bed, I knew I was dealing with the bottom of the scale.  Powerlessnes, inadequacy, worthiness.
I worked myself back up the scale; getting mad, then overwhelmed, then frustrated, then hopeful, then appreciative.
It only takes a few minutes for me because I am incredibly motivated and also very well-practiced with the scale.

I realized that trying to control the situation was knocking me out of the vortex, which in turn made communication with the horse impossible.
My doubt became her doubt, her confusion became my confusion, my insecurity became her insecurity. 

After working up the scale the night before, during the drive to her house I made sure I was in the vortex by appreciating the drive and the weather and my husband....  Then I thought about the lesson.  I established my intention: To ride in the vortex. (As a result I would ride with confidence and connection.)
I imagined that connection and how it felt.

During the ride, I focused on faith in myself, relaxation, expectation of connection, expectation of benefitting from the experience, and release of control.

The result was the ride felt amazing.  It felt connected. I didn't try to make it happen. The horse responded with surprising ease.  When she feel out of sync I could bring myself back easliy and she responded.

Here's the point about making decisions. 
A decision made (and action taken) while in the vortex is the right decision.
A decision made out of obligation or out of a need to feel better or in spite of negative emotion will simply exaggerate the negative emotion.
If I had gone ahead with the lesson without making myself feel better first, the lesson would have made me feel even more powerless.
However, if I had not made myself feel better and declined the lesson for that day, I would have congratulated myself on recognizing the importance of lining up energy first.

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