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Friday, October 7, 2011

Exercise Your Focus

You've decided you want to feel good more than anything.  You've been practicing!
You've been successful at finding things to appreciate which make you feel good.

You know when you feel good, and now, more than ever, you notice when you don't feel good. 

It's time to graduate to the next level of focus.

You must learn to feel good from your thoughts alone, not just from things you are observing that feel good.

There's nothing wrong with focusing on circumstances that feel good.  Keep it up.  Don't stop doing that.
However, you need more than that.  What happens when the circumstance changes?  You can't become dependent upon what you observe, because you have no control over circumstances. 
Circumstances always change, always for your benefit.  (much more about that later)
But if you believe you need to have pleasant circumstances to observe in order to feel good, you will try to control those circumstances!  (and we know how that turns out)

Let's illustrate an example:
You've met someone, and you're in love.
Every time you see her you feel amazing.  Every time you think about her you feel so much love and appreciation.  Your days are better.  Your outlook is bright.  You are eager.  You are buoyant.
Then she breaks up with you.
You feel so much pain.  You feel so sad.  You feel powerless.  You feel sad not just because of the current moment, but also because you believe you will continue to feel sad, and you believe you have no control over that. 

Here's the truth:  you feel so bad because your perception is waaay out of whack.

When you are in love, you are focused on someone in appreciation.  This is a state of being that is Who You Really Are.  Fantastic.
When you are in love, you are looking at yourself through her appreciative eyes.  This is a state of being that is Who You Really Are.  Sublime.
When you are thinking about her, you are not worrying.  You're in the vortex.  All is well.
When you are thinking about her, people are nicer to you.  You see positive manifestations.

Not to diminish being in love in any way, and I recommend it for everyone!.... The real reason you feel so good is because you feel good about yourself, and about life in general, and about people, and about your well-being.  That's what it feels like to be in the vortex.

Here's the lesson:  Pay attention!: The vortex is your thoughts.  Period.

Your task now is to make yourself feel good by yourself, sitting in a chair. Or standing.  Or lying down.  Or walking. Or driving. Whatever.
This is not meditation. Meditation is Absence of Thought. This is Brain Exercise. This is Focus.

In this task you are not accomplishing anything tangible that someone else can observe and appreciate or respond to.  You are not earning money. You are not receiving positive attention.  (I should say, you are not doing any of those things in a way that you can see now, but you are doing ALL those things vibrationally)

Your goal is to feel in love.  Appreciative.  Eager.  In love with you.  Limitless.  In love with life.  Jolly.  Adventurous.  Fearless.  Friendly.  Helpful.  Energetic....

If a subject has your attention (let's stick with the loss of a girlfriend) and you are feeling a sense of powerlessness (aka: sad or self-critical, or simply without a sense of control) you will find it impossible to feel appreciation or love or eagerness or even hope on that subject.

BTW, if any subject has you feeling strong negative emotion, like powerlessness, and you ignore it, meaning you don't make yourself feel better on that subject, more and more circumstances will occur in your life that make you feel powerless.

Like a radio dial, thoughts are on different frequencies.  You have no access to thoughts on a frequency that are far from the one you are on.

You also have no access to what you really want if you stay tuned to a negative frequency.  (Everything that manifests in your life is a perfect vibrational match to your chronic thoughts)

The nearest upward vibration is Jealousy.  Yes, Jealousy feels better than sadness.  Jealousy is full of energy.  Sadness and powerlessness feel devoid of energy.
If you don't feel jealous, skip it.  If you do, grab it!
The frequency that is the farthest up the Scale you can leap from sadness or inadequacy or powerlessness or guilt or depression is Anger. 

The trek up the vibrational scale means you feel progressively better and better as you think thoughts that feel better.
Anger feels much better than sadness.  It gives you some of your power back., which feels so much better that powerlessness.  Blame feels better still.  Revenge is life-giving!

Keep in mind, you are by yourself.  You are only thinking thoughts of anger, not acting upon them. 
Think of a reason to be angry at the girl who dumped you.  It doesn't matter whether it's justified or fair or particularly rational. It only matters that you actually feel angry at her or at someone related to the circumstance (NOT YOU) for a moment.
It's important to note here that anger is an improvement on thoughts of sadness, but it is not an improvement on thoughts of disappointment or pessimism, for instance.  Those emotions are much higher in frequency, so anger would be going in the wrong direction on the vibrational scale.
You know that if a thought gives you a sense of relief you are headed in the right direction.

If you find a thought of anger and it feels pretty good, think of a thought of less anger, or jump up to a thought of blame if you can.  Then it should be easy to find a thought of frustration.  Better still.
Keep going.  Contentment is a state of acceptance of the way things are, with no resistance.  Making peace with what is.  The farther you go up the Vibrational Scale, the less pronounced the feelings of relief, but you should still be reaching for relief.   This is not pretend.  These are not just words.  These thoughts are actually changing how you really feel and changing your point of attraction.

Contentment to Optimism to Belief to Appreciation.  You can get that far in 20 minutes.  Or a week if you prefer to linger in the intoxicating juice of blame or revenge.  Again, these are thoughts that benefit you if you are pulling yourself out of powerlessness.  They are not plans to act upon!

When you realize you can feel good under any circumstance, you begin to get a glimpse of how powerful and limitless you really are.

As I've said before, watch what happens!

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