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Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Why?.... Irritation

Why should I bother adjusting such a minor, normal, frequent negative emotion like irritation

You think:
Irritation is the fuel behind my words to others to get them to change their behavior.  (see Unconditional Love, or Controlling the Uncontrollable)

Irritation is my jolt of "rightness," which makes me feel better about myself (because they are wrong, and more importantly, I am right).

Irritation is my Gatling gun of control.

Every minute of every day you are either attracting negative manifestations or positive manifestations depending upon whether you are 'in the vortex' (Hopeful or above) or 'out of the vortex', (Bored or below).

It doesn't matter how minor the negative emotion, you are still attracting negatively. 
Another way to put it;  What you resist persists.

But more importantly to you, you are making positive manifestations inaccessible.

Make peace with whatever irritating thing has your attention.  It is what it is.  You cannot control it.
Once you've made peace you can easily make yourself feel a little better about it.
That's all you have to do. (Several times a day about different subjects at first)

The payoff is:  Now you feel better.
And by the way, then the irritating things magically go away.
And you feel better.

And when you consistently feel better....  watch what happens.

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