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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Instant Manifestations

The following is a compilation of examples of little things which manifested immediately.  I can name hundreds of these, but these are to first to pop into my head.
I'll preface these stories also by saying that I have practiced guiding myself back into the vortex with dexterity, so now I can say that on a day-to-day basis I'm in the vortex about 90% of the time. This is why I'm in a near constant state of receiving delightful things I want.

I was going to fly from Italy to the US.  When I arrived at the airport, I was given a horrible seat assignment; in the back, in the middle.
I could have asked for a change of seats, but I knew the Universe must have something nice in mind for me.  I had recently learned the value of not taking action to change a circumstance.  I learned the value of not taking action at all unless I feel an in-the-vortex inspiration.
I told myself maybe I'll be sitting next to someone amazing, or there will be no one near me and I can lie down...
As I boarded the plane, the flight attendant checked my ticket and said to the gentleman in 1A, "Is this the seat you want sir?"  He said yes, and she said to me, "Would you like to fly First Class?"

I was standing on my back porch in Italy, looking at the gorgeous, ripe, red apples on a tree up the hill.  I contemplated how they might taste and wondered how to get up the hill and up the tree to get some.  I noticed I didn't have any inclination to do that.
Later that same day I was again standing outside when two red apples rolled down the street.  I laughed at what I thought must be apple races being played by some kids.  A moment passed with no one in sight.  Then two more apples rolled by.
"Oh! Those are for me!"
I walked a few yards outside my back door, and there they were, 4 beautiful apples.  Delicious.

I was walking in the forest, thinking about an encounter I had had with some deer a few days prior.  I have a long history of manifesting deer, so thinking about them always feels good.  Encounters with wildlife, especially deer, thrill me, so it happens again and again.
After about a minute of happy contemplation, a doe bounced by, followed immediately by a buck.
The buck stopped (here!... accidental pun) in front of me and faced me.  He radiated curiosity.
I spoke to him for many minutes, telling him how beautiful he was.  He stayed for a long time, wiggling his nose to smell me.
Eventually I said in my mind, "You'd better go find your Mrs."  At that precise moment, he leaped away, barking, in the direction of his mate.

I had my three boys with me for the summer in Italy.  They were 13, 13, and 14.
I had been wearing my hair in a scrunchy.  Not very fashionable, and leaving a crease in my hair.
I imagined it would be much nicer to have a hair clip with little teeth.  I pictured a little brown one, but I didn't do anything about it or say anything about it.
Two days later, the boys and I were at the beach.  It was about 9pm and dark outside, except for the moon and stars.  The boys were diving in the Tirranean Sea, finding hermit crabs.
At one point, Dane said he had found a hair clip, but had dropped it.
I said, "Oh! I want one of those!  Can you find it again?"
They all went back in the water and almost immediately Ian found it. It was small and brown and exactly what I had pictured.

I was in Italy, wanting to go to the US to see my boys.  I didn't have the money for a trip and I was getting a bit distressed about it.  It was weighing on my mind.  I can't stand feeling worried, so I went to bed and told myself to drop it.
I said some general statements to myself that everything always works itself out.  I'm fine. There's nothing I can do about it right this minute anyway..
I did a meditation game, thinking of positive emotional words in alphabetical order.
I felt much better and rolled over to go to sleep.
Just then a message pinged on my phone.
It was an old friend in the US asking when I could come visit.  I said that I would like to, but didn't have the funds.  He said he'd be happy to pay. Two minutes later, I had $1500 in my bank account and went to the US two weeks later.

One day I was thinking about what I'd like to do with money.  It's a fun game I sometimes play.
I decided I wanted some really nice windows; the kind that open in several directions and they're beautiful and functional...
Two months later when I was shown a apartment I would rent in Italy, there they were; the exact windows I wanted.

I decided I would like a bigger car. I liked the car I had, but I was tired of it and imagined something that could carry more people comfortably. I decided it should be a big, white SUV.  I said nothing about it. It was just a nice thought.
The next evening my husband at the time came home from work and asked if I would like a Nissan Armada.  A friend needed to get rid of it and it would cost less than half the payments of the car I had. The next day it was in our driveway.

Earlier this year in my apartment in Italy, I was watching television on the big flatscreen in the kitchen.  The chairs are not comfortable in the kitchen, so I wished for the ability to watch on the couch in the living room.  The old tv in the living room didn't work, so I appreciated the nice TV in the kitchen anyway.
I went to the US for two months, and upon my return found a new flatscreen TV in the living room.

I was due to go on a blind date. I was feeling self conscious about my appearance over a few days prior and subsequently developed an even more self-conscious-making manifestation:  excema on my arms.  I recognized the negative manifestation as an indication of my negative thoughts.  I soothed myself with gentle, positive statements and the rash disappeared overnight.

I fly between Arizona and Italy often.  It's a very long day.  On one leg, between JFK and London, I daydreamed about having a two day layover in London. I wanted to break up the trip and have a little adventure.  When I landed in London I was told I'd missed my connection to Pisa and the next available flight was in two days.  Perfect.
I stayed in a stunning hotel in London, took double-decker bus tours and a river tour, and met wonderful, unforgettable people.

On another trip from Pisa to Tucson, I wished for a layover in Chicago.  I was tired and dreaming of fluffy bed and feather pillows (neither of which I had in Italy).  When we landed I was told my connection was missed and I must stay in Chicago.  I was greeted in the gorgeous hotel, paid for by the airline, by a big fluffy bed and 5 brand new feather pillows.  I had a 5-star dinner, after which I was told the dinner was also covered by the airline.  The next morning the complimentary breakfast was an american feast of eggs, bacon, steel cut oats and bottomless coffee while spontaneously playing a game of Name That Tune with a genial stranger.  Unforgettable wonderfulness.

One day I noticed the plants in my front yard were looking wilted. It was well over 100 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  I thought, "Should I turn on the irrigation?"  Followed by, "Nah, it'll rain soon." Within an hour it started to rain and continued for 2 hours.

On another occasion, I went for a trail ride with a friend.  It was a warm, sunny day, and I remarked that it would be nice if we got a sprinkle at the end of our ride.  10 minutes from home we were riding in gentle rain.

Last summer in Italy, I went for an long walk to another town.  Mid-way, I noticed it looked like rain.  I was wearing a thin, pink t-shirt, that if it got wet, would be entirely see-through.  My route back home was directly through town, so if I got wet, it would be like walking naked through town.
I knew I didn't want that, so I generalized that all would be well.  I told myself that either it won't rain, or if it did, someone would pick me up. (even though I hadn't seen a car the entire time I was walking)
I dropped the subject and focused instead upon taking photos.
The moment it started to rain, a car appeared out of nowhere and offered me a ride.  It was my next door neighbor.

A few weeks ago here in Italy we had a very rainy several days in a row.  I love being inside when it's cold and rainy, but I needed to go to the store for food.  I waited until I was inspired to leave, and as I walked outside the rain stopped.
I walked to my car just as a woman was starting out for a walk.  I asked if she needed a ride and she gratefully accepted.  She speaks only Italian, and she speaks very fast, but I was in a clear, happy state of mind and in my limited Italian I was able to understand everything she said.  It was a joyful, giggly connection.
The moment I walked back into the house it started raining again in earnest and didn't stop for the rest of the day.

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