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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trying to Control the Uncontrollable

This is about one of my kids, but the concept applies to everything.
When he was in kindergarten, I got his teacher fired.  She was doing a terrible job, in my opinion at the time.
When he was in 2nd grade, I almost succeeded in getting his teacher fired.  She kept kicking him out of the classroom for not paying attention.
When he was in 5th grade, I got his teacher fired.  He was too tough and mean...
Then I woke up, and realized I was butting my nose in where it didn't belong.  He didn't come here in this lifetime for a limp, follow-the-leader ride.  He came to be different.  To  forge his own path.
I wasn't helping him by eliminating everything that would cause him to create more.  He's a creator. Let him create.  And law of attraction brings everyone together for this very reason.

He called me last night. He's now 15 and in high school.  I'm living and working most of the year in Italy.
He was brimming with enthusiasm about school.  He's so proud of himself for doing so well and enjoying everything about his life.

It brought happy tears to my eyes, knowing my decision to let go of controlling the uncontrollable had paid off; for me, for him, and everyone else in our lives.

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