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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stop Noticing the Absence of Something You Want

I had a question from a friend about howvto manifest a partner.
She said she felt lonely and that all the good guys are taken and what can she do to find him?

The answer is stop thinking about the absence of him.

Here is why:  You create your own reality because the universe delivers what you think about.
Everything is energy, including your thoughts. You are broadcasting a signal, positive or negative, in every waking moment.
It's the same for every subject, whether it's a mate or money or health or whatever.  If you're thinking, "Where is it?", "Why does she get a mate and I don't?", "What's wrong with me?", "I need this.", "When do I get to be happy?" ....  You are projecting a signal that delivers more of the same: ABSENCE of what you want.

I wrote a post on this blog years ago entitled 'Looking for Deer.'  I had been eager to see deer on my hikes, and for 2 years I saw not a single deer.  Once I realized I was creating my reality of the absence of deer....  Because all I could think was, "No deer here",  "Nope I don't see one yet."  After a while I got tired of feeling bad about not seeing them.  So I GAVE UP.
I decided my hikes were enjoyable just as they were.  I decided to shift my perspective and instead of focusing on what I didn't like, I decided to look for things to appreciate and drop the subject of deer.
I liked the way it felt to move my body and feel my efficient muscles.  I like the weather and the flowers and the birds and after only a few minutes of this, I found that I was getting high on appreciation.  It didn't MATTER that there were no deer.  I was feeling incredible.
The very next day, 4 deer met me on the trail.  For a long time they stayed so close I could see their eyelashes.  I was swept with the feeling of incredible power that I created this situation.  But it was because I had been feeling high and powerful YESTERDAY.  I had changed my vibrational signal.
From then on for several more years I had close encounters with deer every single day.  But everything else changed too...

I've manifested hundreds and hundreds of things, big and small, in this very way.  Children, a job in Italy, money, adventures, friends, a glass of wine, a chef to cook for me, lovers, mates, horses, luxury, stunning places to live, cars...  But mostly I've created ease and tranquility and more things to appreciate.

The universe knows exactly what you want.  You've chosen them very specifically over years of sorting through what you like and what you don't like.  Your only job now is to relax and enjoy as much of NOW as you can muster.  Then you will be astonished at what, or who, shows up.

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