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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Love Game with Kids

I have started playing a new game in the car with the boys on the way to school. I call it The Love Game.

This morning, I started it by saying, "I love the color of that car in front of us." They all agreed it was a great color. Then I said, "I love that they've almost finished the 'Holey Moley' (road construction that includes a very big hole), I love that you guys got ready for school so quickly this morning. Paris' bath was the most efficient ever!"
I was going to continue on my roll, but Dane broke in to start his, "That was a quick bath! I love my mom and dad and I love my brothers, and I love the rats, and I love playing board games with Bebby, and I love building legos..."

Ian broke in and said, "I love any board games and I love legos and I love that we're getting to school so early and I love that Sylvia doesn't even want me to put her down, and I love that I have 5 dollars in my wallet..." Paris looked up from his doing homework in the back of the car and said, "I love you, Mom."

This is a game I've played by myself for quite a while. So much so that it's become a pretty intoxicating habit. It just occured to me to play with the boys, and they love it! After just a minute or two of either listening to someone else's list, or making their own, they all become so happy and eager for a wonderful day. Ahhh! Me too.

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