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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Emotion/Manifestation= Cause/Effect

In answer to a question about my experiences with contrast and negative emotion.
First I'll explain my view:
'Contrast' is any and every situation you encounter which causes a negative emotional response and the consequent (most often subconscious) 'asking' for improvement.
This very exposure to 'contrast' results in your expansion because in the moment you encounter it, you subconsciously 'ask' for the opposite.  Source energy immediately becomes the vibrational equivalent of the asking.  It is done. This is the expansion of you and the expansion of the universe.

And as a forward to this writing regarding these personal experiences, I'll define this:
'Unworthiness' is a socially-reinforced belief that's the root of many "problems."   I put quotes around 'problems' because the 'problem' that triggers the emotion is simply an exaggeration of a negative emotion (belief) that exists within you to begin with.
Feel unworthy (guilty, powerless, self-critical, depressed, sad) and the world will show you an excuse to feel unworthy.
In the beginning of my study of law of attraction, adjusting to believing in the truth of my own and everyone's intrinsic 'worthiness' was for me, easy and rapid and dramatic at first.  It seemed so right.

It then became a continual, gradual shedding of more, smaller and smaller, increasingly subtle remnants of the insidious, bogus belief in the need to earn value, the belief in the need for comparison to others, the belief in hourly pay and contribution as measurement of worth, and the belief in others' opinions.  For starters.

I'll give a small selection of examples of both positive and negative emotions followed by their manifestations in a cause/effect format:

These are prior to my awareness of law of attraction:
Painful breakup/Became fed up with feeling bad/Constant Appreciation of my single life/Perfect mate showed up

Miscarriages/Made peace with having no more kids/Immediate pregnancy and daydream for twins

Made peace with one kid/Pregnant with twins

Unchecked Fear of not enough money to run businesses/Money ran out, Folded businesses

Night terrors/Acupuncture and visualization exercise that opened my mind to intentional joy/Cessation of night terrors

These are following my understanding of law of attraction:
Powerlessness over my kid/Change in my thoughts about him/Unconditional love for and from him/Complete change in his behavior

Eagerness and Appreciation for law of attraction/Constant stream of new books appear that teach and thrill me

Unchecked self consciousness about qualifications (worthiness) to give seminars/Chronic cough that made me feel more self-conscious

Belief in the well being of people/Counseling sessions/Astonishing results

Appreciation of pictures of hawks/Hawk encounters/Massive appreciation/Hawks following me

Unchecked thoughts of self consciousness and embarrassment about loss of business/Weight gain that felt more self conscious and embarrassing

Belief in the possibility of seeing deer for the first time in years/Next day close encounter with deer/Massive appreciation for deer encounter/Deer interactions every single day

Confusion about things/Made peace with not knowing/Answers come while hiking and cleaning house

Desire and Belief in the ability to communicate with transitioned people/Made peace with not being able to do that/Brother appeared and had a conversation with me the morning he died (and several since)

Unchecked Fear of possible heartache/Cracked sternum/Release of control of others' behavior, release of others' responsibility for my emotions, release of the concept of 'dread,' (which is worry about something that hasn't happened)/Freedom, Unconditional Love/Exponentially better relationship

Desire to write a book/Made peace with no book contract/Delight in writing blog/Commission to write a book.

 What I had been living prior to understanding directing my thoughts had relied not only on the need for others' approval, but need for others' repeated, positive feedback (because 'value' and 'deservedness' were transitory)!

I've now been asked to explain the process that occurs when I encounter contrast, feel negative emotion, and address it in order to feel better (and therefore raise my vibrational stance on that subject).

In this example, I felt angry.
Feeling anger almost always means I have hit the bottom of the scale in some sense of powerlessness with a thought about something that has just happened. And then in the blink of another thought, I automatically reached for something better; anger.

In this example, the 'contrast' was simply that Brad had asked me to do a favor for him, ie wake up early and take kids to school (on 2 hrs of sleep).
#1  I could agree to do it out of obligation (out of the vortex),
#2  I could say no and feel guilty (out of the vortex).
#3  An in-the vortex solution I can't think of right now...

I felt a flash of anger and enjoyed the feeling of it for a little while.  (The feeling of Being Right, feeling righteous, a momentary sense of power)
I then recognized the purpose of my anger: (to pull myself out of powerlessness on the subject), then isolated the thought that triggered the powerless feeling, "No matter what I do in this situation I will feel bad"

The 'problem' is meaningless except for the value it gives me in recognizing a belief, thought, vibration, that is not serving me.
By the way, I chose (not given earlier because not available out of the vortex, but fully apparent in the vortex)
Option #3, Feel good about the idea of taking them to school and then take them to school.
Then I went on a hike and did a focus wheel that started with: "I don't deserve my unlimited freedom if you (Brad) don't have it too."
It ended with, "You (Brad) are just as free as I am and there is no question of our worthiness to enjoy it"

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